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Description SizeStyleProcessorRAM *Starting Price Call or Request Info
MacBook Air (2014) - like new condition 13" ScreenAluminum1.4 GHz Core i54 GB $879.99
iMac 27" ScreenAluminum3.4 GHz Quad i716 GB $1449.99
iMac 27" ScreenAluminum3.4 GHz Quad i78 GB $1374.99
iMac 27Alum (ultra thin)2.9 GHz Quad i58 GB $999.99
iMac 21.5” ScreenAluminum3.06 GHz C2D4 GB $499.99
iMac 20” ScreenAluminum2.4 GHz C2D4 GB $349.97
iMac 21.5” ScreenAluminum2.7 GHz Quad i54 GB $799.99
MacBook Pro (2015 retina) (L34) 15Aluminum2.2 GHz Quad Core i716 GB $1699.99
MacBook Pro (L22) 15Aluminum2.0 GHz Quad Core i74 GB $799.99
MacBook (white classic) (L30) 13" ScreenWhite classic2.0 GHz C2D1 GB $99.99
iMac 20" ScreenAlum+Black2.26 GHz C2D2 GB $249.99
iMac (D48) 2015 model 21.5" ScreenUltra thin2.8 GHz Quad i516 GB $1124.99
MacBook Air (2013) (L4) 11" ScreenAluminum1.3 GHz Core i54 GB $749.99
MacBook Air (2012) (L31) 13" ScreenAluminum2.0 GHz Core i74 GB $799.99
MacBook Air (L27) 13Aluminum1.8 GHz Core i74 GB $699.99
MacBook Air (2014) has AppleCare until Dec 2017 (L38) 13” ScreenAluminum1.4 GHz Core i54 GB $739.99
Mac Pro 8-coreTowertwo 2.26 Quad Core Xeon14 GB $999.99
Mac Mini CPU only2.26 GHz C2D2 GB $129.99
MacBook Pro (retina) (L40) 15Aluminum2.3 GHz Quad Core i78 GB $1099.99
MacBook Pro (L41) 13Aluminum2.5 GHz Core i54 GB $699.99
Experisure 90 Days Limited Warranty

The 90-day limited warranty covers both device sales and repairs, for repair or exchange (at Experimac's discretion). This warranty is for mechanical defects from the original purchase store only. If the repaired device has been previously opened, physically damaged or liquid damaged, the device may be considered compromised and therefore the warranty may be deemed void.