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24" iMac C2D
iMac i3
iMac Alum Quad i5
MacBook Pro Unibody Core 2 Duo
Mac Mini Classic Mini DisplayPort Core 2 Duo
21.5 " iMac Ultra Thin i3
Mac Pro Intel Quad (4-Core)
21.5" iMac Ultra thin i3
Mac Mini Classic DVI Core 2 Duo
13" MacBook Air i7 (2012)
27" iMac i5
13" MacBook Air i7
15" MacBook Pro Qi7
20"iMac C2D
13" MacBook Pro i5
20" iMac C2D
Mac Mini Unibody w/ DVD C2D
MacBook Pro C2D
21.5" iMac C2D
15" MacBook Pro Retina Qi7
13" MacBook Pro C2D
13" MacBook Classic C2D
27" iMac C2D
13" MacBook Pro i7
13" MacBook Air
13" MacBook Air C2D
15" MacBook Pro C2D
Experisure 90 Days Limited Warranty

The 90-day limited warranty covers both device sales and repairs, for repair or exchange (at Experimac's discretion). This warranty is for mechanical defects from the original purchase store only. If the repaired device has been previously opened, physically damaged or liquid damaged, the device may be considered compromised and therefore the warranty may be deemed void.