iPhone 5s Ear Speaker Repair

iPhone<sup>®</sup> 5S Device Ear Speaker Repair

Ear Speaker Repair

You depend on your earpiece to get things done on the go. If you are suddenly having issues with the audio on your iPhone 5s® device we can help get your phone back up and running like new! Sometimes your iPhone 5s® device can simply forget what mode it's in, sending audio through the speaker jack instead of the ear piece or it could be a sign of a bigger issue. So if the sound on your phone is crackly or fuzzy, bring it in to Experimac of Davenport, IA and we can quickly diagnose the problem and often make repairs while you wait! Unlike other smartphone repair stores we only specialize in Apple® products and offer a 90 warranty on all repairs.

Experimac Difference:

  • Same Day Service
  • Fix While You Wait
  • 90 Day Warranty - Ask for Details
  • Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • Shop our Inventory of Pre-Owned Apple Products

Experisure Limited Warranty

All of our device sales are covered by our one-year limited warranty and all our repairs are covered by our 90-day limited warranty. These warranties cover mechanical defects from the original purchase store only and offers repair or replacement (at Experimac's discretion). If the device has been previously opened, physically damaged or liquid damaged, the device may be considered compromised and therefore the warranty may be deemed void.