MacBook Air ® Repairs & Upgrades

MacBook Air® laptop can be difficult to repair and upgrade given their slim design and features. Despite the challenges Experimac Middleton has you covered. We specialize only in the repair and upgrade of Apple® products. If your MacBook Air® laptop is in need of a new battery, faster RAM, or a larger hard drive our expert technicians are here to help. Talk to us about how we can help improve your laptops speed when launching programs or increasing storage. Bring your MacBook Air® laptop in for a thorough assessment we can quickly make repair and upgrades while you wait so you can leave with your MacBook Air® laptop working like new! Call (978) 304-0134 for more information!

The following is a list of services available for repair of MacBook Air® laptops:

  • Display / LCD screen repairs and/or replacement
  • Battery Replacements
  • Storage (e.g. hard drive) replacements and upgrades
  • Memory (e.g RAM) replacements and upgrades
  • Topcase and/or Keyboard repairs
  • Trackpad repairs
  • Magsafe / Charging Port repairs
  • Liquid Cleanings (for water-damaged laptops)
  • Logic Board repairs
  • Data Transfers and Recoveries

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From North Andover, MA to Andover, MA to Peabody, MA, Lynnfield, MA to North Reading, MA, to Reading, MA and all around the Middleton, MA and Danvers, MA area, Experimac Middleton is the trusted local source for pre-owned Apple® products and repairs. We frequently see visitors from Saugus, MA; Lynn, MA; Lawrence, MA, and even parts of Southern NH or the Metro-Boston area – it goes to show that we are closer to you than you may think!

Experisure 90 Days Limited Warranty

The 90-day limited warranty covers both device sales and repairs, for repair or exchange (at Experimac's discretion). This warranty is for mechanical defects from the original purchase store only. If the repaired device has been previously opened, physically damaged or liquid damaged, the device may be considered compromised and therefore the warranty may be deemed void.