How to Know if Your Apple Computer RAM is Faulty

How to Know if Your Apple Computer RAM is Faulty – Diagnose Faulty RAM

Experimac Naperville is a computer, l and iPhone repair specialist that can solve even the highest technical problems, most within one day.  Experimac will provide a series of how-to articles to help you understand that even the most difficult problems can be corrected.

This article is going to be directed towards MacBook Pro Unibody laptops from Late-2008 to Mid-2012. A common problem with MacBook Pro Unibody laptops (MBP for short) is, faulty or improperly seated Random Access Memory (RAM for short). RAM is volatile memory used to temporarily store and access data quickly because it is much more efficient than getting that same data off the hard drive. Literally every program and application, including the operating system, uses RAM. Some programs use more RAM than others, but, again, all programs use it. There are a few different ways to determine if your RAM is faulty or needs to be reseated. We will go over our most common ways of determining this below with different scenarios.

Scenario 1:

If you believe your MBP has random application crashes, random pauses, data corruption or is just running slower than it used to, you may want to check your RAM. For this scenario, you need to know how much RAM your MBP is supposed to have. For example, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB. Once you’ve determined how much RAM your MBP came with, follow these steps:

  1. Boot your MBP and login so that you’re on your desktop.
  2. Navigate to the small Apple logo in the top left corner and click once.


  1. Click “About This Mac”. At this point you can determine how much RAM is being recognized by your MBP by reading the line that starts with “Memory”.


If your MBP is supposed to have 4GB of RAM and “About This Mac” states that you have 4GB of RAM, your MBP is perfectly fine as far as RAM goes and you can stop here. If your “About This Mac” is stating you only have 2GB of RAM when you’re supposed to have 4GB of RAM, continue to step 4.


  1. Click the button labeled “System Report…”







  1. Once the system report window opens, navigate to and click “Memory” in the left-hand pane.


  1. Your system should show either BANK 0/DIMM0 or BANK 1/DIMM0 as empty, or it should have some other error message.


  1. At this point, we can determine that the RAM in BANK 0/DIMM0 either needs to be reseated or replaced. If you know how to reseat and/or replace RAM, we would suggest doing so now. If you do not know how to reseat or replace RAM, we highly suggest visiting one of our professionals at Experimac of Naperville to avoid further damage to your MacBook Pro.


Scenario 2:

Another scenario you may face is one tone repeating every 5 seconds, which means no RAM is installed, or 3 successive tones repeating every 5 seconds which means your RAM did not pass a data integrity check.


The solution for this scenario is reseating the RAM in your MBP, and if that does not work, replacing the RAM in your MBP. After you reseat and/or replace the RAM, follow the steps listed in Scenario 1 to ensure your RAM is being read correctly. If you can’t get far enough to follow the steps in Scenario 1, we highly suggest visiting one of our professionals at Experimac of Naperville to avoid any other potential damage.  


You can call 630.857.9984 or visit Experimac Naperville at 1523 North Aurora Road, and we will receive honest, trustworthy advice on what you really need to solve your problem.




How much Faster will Upgrading your Hard Drive to an SSD make your Mac® Computer?

Are you frustrated with your Mac computer because of a slow hard drive? Has it frozen on you multiple times? It always seems to happen when you’re in a rush or trying to meet a deadline.

Consider updating your Mac computer with a Solid State Drive (SSD). This easy upgrade offers users a much faster computing experience as SSDs are more energy efficient, more reliable and even quieter than other hard drives.

Upgrading your Mac computer’s hard drive to an SSD can make one of the most drastic differences to your Mac computer’s performance.

But how much difference, really?

Take a look at how much of a difference upgrading to an SSD can make in even the slowest Mac computer:

Upgrading your hard drive to an SSD can greatly improve the speed of your computer’s hard drive in many ways, particularly when completing everyday tasks. Perhaps the most drastic change users notice is the improved time it takes the computer to reach the login screen. Booting the system can be up to 61% faster when using an SSD as compared to using the older standard hard drives.

Reaching your favorites on Safari will also be faster by upgrading to an SSD. How much faster? Up to 51% faster! Even surfing the web can be up to 8% faster by upgrading your current hard drive to an SSD. Bring new life to your Mac computer by investing in an SSD upgrade!

Not sure if upgrading your hard drive to an SSD is right for you? Stop by Experimac Katy today to find out more. Our experienced techs are available to answer all of your hard drive and SSD related questions today.

5 Tips for Increasing Security on your iPhone® Device

5 Tips for Increasing Security on your iPhone Device

Can you even imagine getting through the day without using your iPhone device? Probably not.

iPhone devices are wonderful tools for accessing and managing a variety of private information: emails, credit cards, social media accounts and much more. Don’t fall victim to unwelcome users, here are our top five tips for increasing your iPhone device’s security.

  1. Change passcode to password

    The iPhone device comes with the standard option of creating a 4-digit passcode. However, creating a longer password provides more security. By having a password that incorporates letters instead of a passcode, you instantly add more possible combinations making it more difficult for anyone to guess your password.

  2. Turn off Wi-Fi in insecure locations

    Keep your information as safe as possible by only connecting to Wi-Fi in secure locations. By turning off your Wi-Fi in locations that do not seem to have a secure network, you limit the chance of hackers getting to your private information.

  3. Enable Touch ID

    The Touch ID® function is a great iPhone feature in recent models that allows users to access their iPhone by scanning their registered finger print. Not only does Touch ID keep your information safe from those looking to gain unauthorized access to your phone, it also makes logging into your phone a lot easier than entering a password.

  4. Avoid untrustworthy sites

    It’s true that Apple devices do not suffer from viruses or other malware as often as other devices, however, they still can fall victim. Because of this, do not trust unworthy sites, even when on your iPhone device.

  5. Keep up with recent updates

    Apple, Inc.’s® noteworthy safety from viruses is due to their OS® software. In order for your iPhone device to take advantage of this, be sure to keep up with all updates. Not applying the updates may leave your phone vulnerable.

Looking for ways to keep your personal information personal? Experimac Katy can help make sure you are doing everything possible. Stop by today!

Meal Prep is a Breeze with These Thanksgiving Apps

Meal Preparing Thanksgiving Apps

Are you one of those people who looks forward to a day of homemade delicious food all year long? Are you in charge of setting the table and looking for ways to impress your family and friends?

Figuring out what to make and how much to make can be a challenge for some people. However, thanks to technology, meal prep is a breeze. From the turkey to cocktails, table decoration ideas and more, this list has been designed to help you from start to finish with décor and recipe apps.

  • Todoist
    Cooking an entire feast for several people in one day can be overwhelming. Organize yourself with the free app Todoist. Create and share to-do lists and reminders with yourself, and even delegate to-do items to family and friends. Todoist has a “Smart Schedule” feature, making scheduling tasks a breeze, from food shopping to invitations.
  • The Coupons App
    Finding deals on food, decorations and even Black Friday specials has never been easier. Download this free app and save on thousands of items at retail stores in your area. This app also includes restaurant coupons, saving you money while eating out once the Thanksgiving festivities are over and the chaotic holiday season begins.
  • Hobnob Invitations & Text RSVP
    Take the stress out of inviting guests to dinner this year with this free app. This app allows you to make a group, create and send invites out and receive RSVPs all in a matter of minutes from your iPhone® device. Send photos and keep the group you’ve made, making future event invites easier. You can also go back and check all events and photos you have shared with the group.
  • Food Network in the Kitchen
    Mix things up this year and incorporate new flavors to your Thanksgiving spread. Instantly access Food Network’s most popular recipes from famous chefs such as Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri . . . all for free on your iPhone device or iPad® tablet. This is not your average recipe app.
  • MixCocktails
    This free app is home to hundreds of cocktail recipes, conveniently categorized by type of drink. Discover some fun holiday recipes such as their Boozy White Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider Buttered Rum Cocktails, or even their Pumpkin Cheesecake Martini. Thanksgiving apps never tasted so good!
  • Yummly
    Do you or your guests have specific dietary needs? Yummly is a free app that lets you easily search through thousands of recipes with filters to meet your specific needs. If you are cooking for 20 people, some of which require gluten free food, for example, you can search with that criteria. Yummly offers meal recommendations, nutritional tracking and instructional videos. This is a whole new spin on a recipe app.
  • Pandora
    Don’t just whistle while you work, cook to the rhythm of your favorite artists for free with Pandora. Pandora plays music for hours on end based on artists or genres of music you choose, meaning you won’t have to stop and play DJ during the busy hours of the day.
  • Craftsy
    Find fun craft, cooking and décor ideas, lessons and instructional videos on this free app! Whether you’d like to learn how to crochet, decorate cakes, woodwork or create simple crafts for decorating your dinner table this holiday season, look at the thousands of ideas available on this app to get ready for your Thanksgiving celebration.
  • SharetheMeal
    Lastly, while you celebrate what you are thankful for, consider giving to those less fortunate with this app. SharetheMeal allows you to see where your donations go, and makes it easy to donate. Giving thanks takes on a whole new meaning when you are able to share with others.

We encourage you to plan ahead and download these apps to simplify your life as you prepare for Thanksgiving this year. Whether you are looking for recipe apps because you are eager to try something new or you need some tunes to keep you going in the kitchen while everyone else is gathered around the TV watching football, this list has it all.

Need someone to fix your iPhone device or iPad tablet screen before you start downloading these Thanksgiving apps? Don’t give it a second thought. Bring your phone or tablet to Experimac Katy for a screen repair, no appointment is necessary.

Data Recovery – What’s Possible and What’s Not


Data Recovery - What's Possible and What's Not

Losing data is the most devastating thing that can happen when working with technology. If you have ever experienced this, you’ll know the pain we’re talking about. Whether it’s deleting a file, forgetting a password or the aftermath of a destroyed device, you know the agony this can cause.

However, not all hope is lost. In some instances, your data can be saved. So, what’s possible and what’s not when trying to recover data on your Mac® laptop or computer?

The first and most critical thing you should do once you realize you have lost data is: stop using the device. By continuing to use the device, you hurt the chances of recovering lost data. As frustrating as it may be to sit back and not use it, it can make the difference between what’s possible and what’s not.

There are several reasons why devices can lose data and the cause for the data loss may determine whether your data can be recovered or not.

Sometimes, lost data is a result of storage cloud issues. Some Mac users depend on cloud storage; however, some erroneously believe their data is instantly backed up. This isn’t always the case as most storage services typically synchronize with a folder instead of the computer’s hard drive. As a result, users sometimes cause damage to their own device when trying to find problems with their hard drive or software that do not exist. Making sure this is setup properly can make all the difference in the world.

When data is impossible to recover, it usually comes from a physical problem with the device involving the hardware. Due to their unique design, Mac devices can be difficult to fix. Some circumstances have easier solutions than others, making it best to leave data recovery to trained professionals who can properly diagnose the problem and do their best to recover missing information. Surprisingly, data can sometimes be recovered even after floods, fires, or other extreme situations.

Don’t risk permanently losing precious data. Stop by Experimac Katy to see how we can help you avoid the need for emergency data recovery on any of your Apple® devices!

Our Promise


When someone ‘promises‘ something to you, they are supposed to keep it.  If they don’t do as they ‘promise ‘, their promise doesn’t mean anything ever again, right?  They trained you to not listen to them.  They trained you that their ‘word’ doesn’t mean anything.

Whether that comes from a stranger, a friend, or a company, you want to trust them, but they need to keep their part of the relationship by actually following through with their promise.  Or you don’t listen to them in the future.

You know the saying, “fool me once, shame on you.  fool me twice, shame on me.”

If your friend says they will see you at 3 pm, and they show up at 3:30, and give a lame excuse, you know they will be late next time; if there is a next time.  Showing up late says one thing to me, that they think their time is more important than mine.  They just dissed me and brushed off their rudeness with a lame excuse.

A promise is supposed to mean something.  It’s supposed to be their word that they will do what they said that they will do.  If they do, their promise means something.  If they don’t, their promise doesn’t mean anything.

The same holds true with a company.  If they ‘ promise ‘ that their product will clean the best, last the longest, or whatever their product promises to do, you try them.  If the product delivers, you continue to buy it.  If the product doesn’t deliver, you never buy it again, and sometimes tell others that they shouldn’t try it.

There is a company who delivers on their promise.  Not because it’s ‘good business ‘, but because that is who they are.  They don’t ‘try‘ to meet their promise, they do deliver on their promise.

Experimac Naperville is an electronics repair company, and their promise is simple:  if they say they will repair your phone, computer or tablet that same day, they will.  If they say that the pre-owned product you purchase is certified, it is.  A promise is supposed to be a promise, and that is how they operate. 

If you are looking for a company that keeps their promise, contact Experimac Naperville at 630.857.9984, or visit them and their trained technicians at 1523 North Aurora Road in Naperville.





Experimac’s Favorite Apps for Dog Lovers

Experimac Top Picks - Favorite Apps for Dog Lovers


Celebrate your beloved dog this year by incorporating fun and helpful apps that are designed to improve all aspects of your dog’s life. Take a look at our top 10 app picks for dog lovers!

  1. Perfect Dog
    Considering getting a dog but don’t know what breed will fit your lifestyle? Check out Perfect Dog. This app has features that will help you sort through 340 different breeds based on activity level, grooming, living space and other important features. There is a free version of this app, but there are also in-app purchases.
  2. Pooch – Your Personal Dog Trainer
    Training your dog should be a fun and bonding experience for you and your furry friend. This free app teaches you how to reinforce good behavior and provides instructions along the way. Learn how to teach your dog commands and tricks, and track your dog’s progress throughout the process. You can also track their weight and feeding schedule.
  3. PetCoach
    Get connected to licensed vets and trainers for free any time of day or night with PetCoach. You can ask about symptoms, nutrition, or advice on any emergency. If you find a professional you and your pet really connect well with, you can even schedule an appointment with that particular vet or trainer.
  4. Dog Walk – Track Your Dog’s Daily Walks
    Do you enjoy going for walks, jogs or runs with your dog? Then you need to take a look at this app. Keep track of where you are, how long your walk has been, and even keep track of where your dog likes to relieve themselves. This free app can be easily used on your phone or Apple Watch® device.
  5. Walk for a Dog
    This app will donate funds to the animal rescue organization of your choice when you walk your dog. The amount of the donation depends on how many people actively walk for your chosen organization. You can view past walks and even post to social media to inspire others to join in.
  6. Companion
    Keep yourself safe wherever you walk, or with whomever you walk with, by using this free app. This apps tracks where you are and can send notifications to loved ones if you don’t feel safe. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, the closest dispatcher will send police in two taps of your device.
  7. Wag
    Need a dog walker, sitter or overnight boarding? No problem! Install Wag, and you’ll always have access to walkers and sitters, as well as text updates, GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Their walkers and sitters are thoroughly tested on dog handling and all services are insured.
  8. Pet First Aid American Red Cross
    Is your dog or cat demonstrating weird symptoms? Having a place to turn to if your dog or cat suffers from injuries or illnesses is a good plan of action. Check symptoms for emergency situations your dog or cat may encounter. Learn about warning signs and first aid steps from your smart device, and even locate the closest emergency animal hospital.
  9. Whistle
    This free wellness-monitoring app is a great way of keeping track of your dog’s health and happiness. Pinpoint your dog’s location and heartrate, and create wellness goals for your pet. You can add other members of your family or even a dog sitter to your dog’s profile, ensuring everyone is aware of your dog’s needs.
  10. BarkCam
    This fun and free app makes taking pictures of your dog easy for both of you by playing sounds to catch your dog’s attention while you snap the perfect picture. This app also has fun filters, stickers and quotes you can add to your dog’s perfect selfies.

Dogs are our loyal companions, man’s best friend. At Experimac Katy, we know how much you rely on your devices, so if you’ve run into issues downloading all of these great apps, stop by our store today. We’ll help you troubleshoot your device’s issues, explain our trade-in process, or show you all of our certified inventory.

Summer Reading: Making it Easy and Fun

Summer reading is many students’ least favorite part of summer. However, not reading can cause students to lose learning gains they’ve just spent almost a year making. Struggles with reading affects learning in all content areas and can lead to challenges passing future assessments and classes. Help your children to hold onto their reading skills this summer; motivate your children to read independently and practice reading skills over the long break with these easy to access and use apps:

  1. OverDrive

    This outstanding app is not only free but allows you to use your library card to access e-books offered from your local library! Choose from thousands of books from libraries across the country. How cool is that? Checking to see if your local library is part of the program is easy.

  2. Tales2Go

    Motivating children to read over the summer is often a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, audio books make summer reading much easier for less motivated students or struggling readers. Give your family access to thousands of outstanding audio books for just $9.99 a month with Tales2Go. Following along in the text while listening to the audiobook is a great strategy for emerging readers and this works really well on long road trips.

  3. Comic Life 3

    Another way of promoting literacy at home over the summer is to provide children with a creative outlet. Comic Life 3 does just that in a comic book setting. Help your students fall in love with the art of storytelling and give them a platform to create their own stories using imagery and small captions. This encourages the use of creativity and imagination while reinforcing writing skills.

  4. Epic!

    This e-reader app is perfect for children 12 and under and provides users with access to thousands of books. As students read, they earn badges to acknowledge varied accomplishments. Families can set up individual user profiles to keep track individually of titles they’ve read. Consider setting a weekly goal for each child and reward those who reach their goal.

  5. Newsela

    Provide daily news articles for students of all reading levels to practice informational reading skills. This app provides a variety of topics for students to read about; topics are easy to find using the search feature of the app. Understanding non-fiction texts is a critical skill for test taking yet it’s not a genre most students pick up on their own.

Make the summer of 2018 a memorable one for your kids by setting reading goals and establishing a time for everyone in the family to share what they’ve been reading. Summer reading can take place anywhere – on the couch, in the backyard, by the pool, on a road trip or during a long flight or train ride. No excuses! Bring your iPad tablet® to your local Experimac store where no appointment is necessary. Our experienced techs will take care of that screen repair you’ve been procrastinating to get done. Or, if it’s time to look for a newer model, we may have just what you’re looking for and you can trade in your current device.

It’s Time for a Road Trip! What Accessories Should You Take?

Planning a summer road trip? Make sure you’re well-equipped with all the best accessories and other necessary items to ensure you’re ready for anything! We have created a handy list for you to use when prepping for your next trip. Take a look at the list below before hitting the road for your next trip.

  • Chargers

    Don’t leave home without the chargers you need for all of your devices and consider bringing an extra charger just in case one stops working or mysteriously disappears. According to SmarterTravel, chargers, particularly cell phone chargers, are the top left-behind item at hotels. Consider keeping a charger in your car and keeping one on your person in a backpack or purse. When you think about the fact that our electronic devices serve as our source of communication, GPS navigation, camera, and top source of entertainment, not having a charged device could be devastating. Pack a car charger in addition to your current charger; you’ll thank yourself later!

  • Waterproof Phone Case

    Make sure your phone is prepared for anything with a waterproof phone case. The last thing you need on a road trip is to have your phone rendered useless. Protect it from rain, pools, drops and all waterborne illnesses that can have serious consequences for your phone.

  • Selfie Stick

    Whether you hate them or love them, selfie sticks make it easier to take those necessary road trip photos – someone sleeping in the back seat or a cool roadside pit stop with everyone in the photo.

  • iPad® Tablet

    Yes, we all love our smartphones, but when making reservations online, following a GPS or even looking to entertain the backseat passengers, sometimes a smartphone is just not enough. This is when having an iPad tablet would come in extra handy! Bringing an iPad tablet along means you’ll be able to supply movies and other entertainment for your road trip companions. Screen time for younger passengers is not just a distraction; the time spent on the iPad tablet could be productive. There are a lot of summer reading apps and other educational apps available to help them keep their minds engaged.

  • Sunglasses

    Be sure to protect your eyes from glare and bright reflections while driving or even when you’re the passenger. Squinting from bright light can actually cause headaches and nausea. Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and should be a priority anytime you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

  • Smartphone Mount

    As you know, our smartphones serve several purposes on road trips. Make it easy and safe to answer calls, read the GPS and listen to your favorite playlists with a smartphone mount. The last thing you want to deal with while driving is trying to steer while juggling a phone. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, safety should be considered.

  • Pet Items

    Are you considering taking your furry family members on your summer road trip this year? If yes, remember to bring along plenty of food and water with bowls to serve them in, their collar or harness as well as their leash, a few of their favorite toys, and a blanket to help them get cozy during the long drive too. If your furry friend takes any medications, you’ll need to bring those along as well.

  • Snacks

    Be sure to pack snacks, especially if you’re planning a particularly long road trip or planning to go off the grid. You want to try and select snacks that don’t need refrigeration and will still supply nutrition. Tempting as they may be, stay away from overly salty or sweet choices like candy or chips and instead go for almonds, dried fruit, protein bars, and coconut water. If you have space, a small cooler with some water bottles is a nice extra.

  • Headphones

    When traveling with a group, the last thing you want to fight over is what kind of music should be played on the trip. Make sure you pack a pair of headphones for each traveler joining you, giving everyone on your trip the ability to be their own DJ.

Making the extra effort to prepare ahead of time for your summer road trip will hopefully mean it’s a better experience for everyone. If you need help with any of the accessories you have, need to get your screen repaired, or just need to purchase extra chargers, stop by your local Experimac store today. Our experienced team is ready to help you get ready for your road trip!

Best Apps and Games to Keep Kids Thinking This Summer

School is out and summer is upon us! Figuring out what to do with the kids all summer is a challenge for most parents. Some families will opt for a big vacation or maybe even sleep away camp but what about the rest of the summer? While beach days and camping trips are great summer activities, keeping your kids’ brains active is important too! Take a look at some of the best apps and games available to engage their minds in a fun and motivational way.

Grades: Preschool – 5th

  • Highlights

    This developer, famous for their children’s magazine, has produced a few apps all aimed at improving literacy and critical thinking skills in children. From their hidden pictures app to one app called “All About Summer,” Highlights offers children a variety of fun yet academic apps that are easy and free to download and use.

  • ABC Mouse

    Studies have shown that this app has improved math and literacy skills in elementary-aged children. It teaches subjects such as reading, math, science, and art through the use of interactive activities, songs, and even offline printable activities!

Grades: K – 8th

  • BrainPOP

    < This app features animated movies that are easy for students to relate to followed by some questions to ensure comprehension of the video. From core subjects such as math, reading, science, and history to electives such as health, art, music and even engineering, BrainPOP is designed for elementary and middle school students to use on their own and support cross-curricular education.

  • Inventioneers

    If your child is creative or you want to support creative thinking skills, look at this app. Your child can create inventions, learn about science, and even share their inventions with friends. Inventioneers comes in a free and deluxe version and is compatible with Apple and Android devices alike.

Grades: 9th – 12th, College and grad students

  • Khan Academy

    “You can learn anything” is this app’s tagline and rightfully so! With over 40,000 Common Core-aligned questions and interactive exercises, your child can easily spend the summer preparing for upcoming exams such as the SAT, ACT, and school entrance exams. Khan Academy is even equipped to prepare users for the GMAT and MCAT! This app is designed for high school, college and post-grad students looking to sharpen their skills in algebra, calculus, statistics, finance, chemistry, physics, art history, economics and much more! Make sure your son or daughter is ready for the upcoming school year by sharing this app with them!

  • Scholly

    So your child has spent over a decade studying and might be over the summer-studying. Seeing that it’s never too early to start considering scholarships, help motivate your teenager by subscribing to Scholly. For just $2.99 a month, Scholly makes it easy to find and apply to scholarships, keep track of deadlines and follow up on outcomes. While this app will not reinforce specific subject matter, a summer spent filling out scholarship applications teaches life skills, is time well-spent, and depending on the scholarship, could involve writing an essay to submit with the application.

While the lackadaisical days of summer spent doing nothing productive may be every child’s dream, it’s likely not in their best interest to let their brain take a vacation all summer long. These great apps will help keep every child thinking and ensure they start off the next school year on the right foot. Should your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet need a little tune up or screen repair so your child can benefit from these apps, stop by your local Experimac store today – no appointment necessary.