In Case You Missed It: The Coolest Apple® Product Releases and the Weirdest Bugs of 2017

2017 was an exciting year for Apple product fans that featured some great software improvements along with some impressive hardware upgrades. There were, however, a few bumps along the road with some weird bugs here and there, but overall, we received some amazing new features and upgrades on some of our favorite products from Apple, Inc.

Take a look back on 2017 . . . the best of Apple Inc.’s releases for the year . . .

  • The iPhone X® device was definitely the upgrade Apple fans have been waiting for. From the addition of augmented reality through its powerful camera, to the implementation of facial recognition technology to unlock your phone, the iPhone X device delivers an impressive entry to the iPhone® device
  • Apple Watch Series 3® device introduced a GPS feature to the Apple Watch® device line allowing users to access navigation without having their iPhone device on them. They also released an LTE version which adds cellular connectivity to your Apple Watch
  • The iMac Pro® computer is a powerhouse, all-in-one computer that brings the power of virtual reality to the iMac® computer product

. . . As well as the weirdest bugs of the year . . .

  • The “A ?” bug was likely one of the more frustrating bugs of 2017.  While typing on their iPhone devices, users experienced an issue where “I” auto corrected into “A ?”. A patch was later released and this issue has thankfully been resolved but while it lasted, it managed to drive everyone nuts.
  • The macOS® High Sierra launched with a bug that allowed any user to create an administrative account on a Mac computer without a password. This issue posed a serious security threat; however, everyone was grateful that it was patched within 24 hours of its release.

With every new, exciting development, there sometimes comes a bug, something that’s just not working as it should. Thankfully, Apple product fans know that Apple is always looking to make things better. Should you still be struggling with one of these bugs or if you’re interested in certified pre-owned products, end the year on a high note and stop by you local Experimac store today.

Getting the Most out of Using the Microsoft Edge Browser on Your iPhone® Device

Microsoft Edge is an Internet browser alternative to Safari which can be downloaded from the App Store. It provides an exciting suite of features that make for an excellent browsing experience on a mobile device.

Below are some tips for using the Microsoft Edge browser on your iPhone device:

  1. Surf your way! Microsoft Edge offers users several bowser customization options. By going into the browser settings, you can choose whether you want to browse in standard light mode or dark mode. By turning on dark mode, it changes the user interface to black. You can also choose your default search engine. Bing is an amazing search engine, but it’s nice to know that users have the ability to choose Yahoo or Google as alternatives if they prefer one of those.
  2. When browsing the Internet, you may come across some information that you may want to view on a larger screen. While using Microsoft Edge, you can link multiple devices through your Microsoft account and seamlessly transfer webpages to other devices making
  3. For users that want to stay current with the latest news, Microsoft Edge offers a dedicated news feed on the home page. Stories update automatically so all you need to do is scroll through for the most recent headlines.
  4. The Microsoft Edge browser also offers voice search and a barcode scanner for times when a standard keyboard input is not optimal.
  5. Shopping for that perfect gift can sometimes be a difficult secret to keep from our loved ones. Not to worry, Microsoft Edge offers an InPrivate browsing option to help keep certain tidbits of information top secret.

If you haven’t given Microsoft Edge a try on your iPhone device, we think you’ll like what you find so give it a try today. Should you run into any issues with it on your iPhone device, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Experimac store. Our techs are ready to help!

How much Faster will Upgrading your Hard Drive to an SSD make your Mac® Computer?

Are you frustrated with your Mac computer because of a slow hard drive? Has it frozen on you multiple times? It always seems to happen when you’re in a rush or trying to meet a deadline.

Consider updating your Mac computer with a Solid State Drive (SSD). This easy upgrade offers users a much faster computing experience as SSDs are more energy efficient, more reliable and even quieter than other hard drives.

Upgrading your Mac computer’s hard drive to an SSD can make one of the most drastic differences to your Mac computer’s performance.

But how much difference, really?

Take a look at how much of a difference upgrading to an SSD can make in even the slowest Mac computer:

Upgrading your hard drive to an SSD can greatly improve the speed of your computer’s hard drive in many ways, particularly when completing everyday tasks. Perhaps the most drastic change users notice is the improved time it takes the computer to reach the login screen. Booting the system can be up to 61% faster when using an SSD as compared to using the older standard hard drives.

Reaching your favorites on Safari will also be faster by upgrading to an SSD. How much faster? Up to 51% faster! Even surfing the web can be up to 8% faster by upgrading your current hard drive to an SSD. Bring new life to your Mac computer by investing in an SSD upgrade!

Not sure if upgrading your hard drive to an SSD is right for you? Stop by your local Experimac store today to find out more. Our experienced techs are available to answer all of your hard drive and SSD related questions today.

Sharing is Caring with iCloud® Service

Configure your iCloud account

Have you ever wanted to share images with your family and friends after a big party or awesome trip? What about sharing music with your workout buddy or that great book with your best friend? Need help?

Sharing is caring. Here’s how to configure your iCloud service to make it easier for you to share your favorite, movies, music and photos with your family and friends.

First of all, what is the iCloud service?

iCloud is the Apple® service designed to keep all of your Apple devices, files and apps in sync, meaning your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, iPod® device and even Apple computers can all be kept in sync. Synchronizing your Apple devices with the iCloud service means preventing data-loss. Family Sharing with the iCloud service means you can share important photos, songs, books, and files with up to six family members.

What exactly can the iCloud service do?

Now that we have covered what the iCloud service is, let’s talk about everything it is capable of doing for you.

  1. Synchronize your calendar, emails and contacts

    Keeping updated tabs on everyone’s busy schedules is nearly impossible without the iCloud service. Make life easier by having your entire family’s calendar updated on your phone so you can keep track of appointments, meetings, parties, and even schedule changes. If you make a change to your calendar on your phone, that will be reflected on the calendar when you view it from your laptop later. You can also see your emails and replies to those emails as well as your contacts across all of your own devices.

  2. iTunes® Service

    Family Sharing has made sharing music with family easier than ever! Any downloaded music you save on your iCloud service is accessible to those on your Family Sharing plan. You can also share an Apple Music® account, making accessing thousands of songs less expensive than ever before. Time to get those playlists updated!

  3. iBooks® Service

    Are you an avid reader? The iBooks service is a dream come true! Are you a parent? Promoting reading with your children has never been easier! Have access to their iBooks account and subscriptions with Family Sharing. Similar to the iTunes service, the iBooks service becomes much more valuable as you can share downloads and some subscriptions with those on your plan.

  4. Photo Stream® Service

    How would you like to be able to access any of your photos from your iPhone device, on your iPad tablet or any of your other Apple devices? The Photo Stream service lets you do this and just as easily, you can share them with those on your Family Sharing plan.

  5. Find your iPhone Device

    Losing your phone can be extremely stressful, but the iCloud service has a feature to help should this happen to you. With Family Sharing, you can activate the “Find your iPhone” feature and set an alarm to find it using a family member’s phone.

How do I configure this with my iCloud account?

An adult from your family, known as the “organizer”, chooses what apps or features your family will share. Then, the organizer can invite up to five family members to share. Once you’ve invited family members to join, Family Sharing is set up on everyone’s devices automatically.

Are the iCloud service and Family Sharing still too much for you to figure out on your own? Or is it just not working right? Experimac can help! Contact your local Experimac store and our experienced techs can help you make the most of your family’s Apple devices today.

Our Best Deals on Certified Pre-Owned – Refurbished Apple® Products Sale

Best Deals on Certified Pre-Owned – Refurbished Apple Products Sale

The holidays are right around the corner. Do you know what to get your loved ones this year? Apple laptops and computers will definitely put a smile on your loved ones’ faces this holiday, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so!

Experimac is offering special pricing on certified pre-owned MacBook® laptops and iMac® computers. Our Holiday Bundles take certified pre-owned Apple products to a new level. We offer devices starting at less than half of their new competitors. Take a look at our Holiday Bundles and the savings that come along with them!

MacBook Laptop Holiday Bundles

With the purchase of either of these MacBook laptops, we are offering a hard-shell case in a variety of colors for the MacBook laptop: black, pink, orange, purple, red, royal blue, tiffany blue (teal), clear and more.

  • 13” MacBook

    This powerful laptop comes with 8GB of memory and a 1TB SSHD Hybrid hard drive. We include a one-year warranty, a hard-shell cover in your choice of bright colors and a keyboard protector.

    • Apple New Price: Starting at $1,299
    • Apple Refurbished Price: $1,099
    • Our price: $499
  • 13” MacBook Pro i5

    The MacBook Pro i5 with 8GB memory is one of Apple’s best sellers. This laptop includes a one-year warranty, hard-shell cover in your choice of bright colors and a keyboard protector.

    • Apple’s New Price: Starting at $1,299
    • Apple Refurbished Price: $1,099
    • Our price: $699

iMac Computer Holiday Bundles

These iMac computers are sure to please! These computers will meet your needs and look great while you work. We are even including some accessories to make your bundle complete and easy to set up as soon as it’s unwrapped.

  • 5” iMac

    This computer comes with 8GB memory and also includes a one-year warranty. Additionally, the bundle will come equipped with a keyboard and mouse.

    • Apple’s New Price: Starting at $1,099
    • Apple’s Refurbished Price: $979
    • Our Price: $499
  • 5” iMac Quad Core i5

    This computer comes with 8GB memory and also includes a one-year warranty. A wireless keyboard and mouse are also included as part of the bundle.

    • Apple’s New Price: Starting at $1,099
    • Apple’s Refurbished Price: $979
    • Our Price: $749
  • Here at Experimac, we are proud of our products and stand behind them. Let us help you save time and money while shopping for the perfect gifts for loved ones on your holiday list. Find a participating location near you and call today to get more information about our Holiday Bundles!

Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with the Siri® Feature – Our Top Tricks, Tips and Hidden Features

Siri feature – Our top Tricks, Tips and Hidden Features

The Siri feature is an artificial personal assistant that, thanks to Apple’s® iOS® operating systems, is available on various Apple devices. She can make day-to-day tasks easier to organize and complete as well as provide translations and random fun facts. Below, we’ve listed our top tricks, tips and hidden features for the Siri feature that you may not be aware of.

  1. The Basics

    If you are new to the Siri feature, start by learning basic commands. You can access a list of basic commands by asking her “What can I say?”.

  2. Teach the Siri feature pronunciation

    If she happens to mispronounce your name, easily fix it by telling her “that’s not how you pronounce it,” followed by a correct pronunciation.

  3. Update social media

    Easily update your Twitter or Facebook status by telling the Siri feature to update it for you. Simply either say “Tweet” or “Facebook” followed by the message you wish to post.

  4. Voice

    Did you know that you can make the Siri feature male? Or even change his/her accent? Well, if you want to, go to Settings, Siri and choose.

  5. Assign nicknames or relationships

    You can set up the Siri feature to recognize specific relationships such as husband or wife, brother or sister, father or mother, and so forth. Make texting or calling specific people even easier.

  6. Set up alarms, reminders or appointments on your calendar

    Don’t miss another event or forget another important task. Simply ask the Siri feature to create an alarm, reminder or appointment by asking her to.

  7. Google search

    Google searching has never been easier. Just tell her “Google” followed by what you want to know, and she’ll find out for you.

  8. Search for notes or emails

    Don’t waste time hunting for a note or email ever again. If you ever find yourself in need of finding a specific note or email, easily ask the Siri feature to locate it for you.

  9. Search for photos

    Thanks to the iCloud® service, take and keep hundreds of pictures in our photo album. This can make finding one photo difficult. Instead of browsing, you can ask the Siri feature for a particular photo depending on the time or location the photo was taken.

  10. Sport, stock or movie updates

    Keep track of your favorite sports teams, stock changes or even currently released movies.

  11. Converting Measurements or Currencies

    You can ask the Siri feature to convert a variety of currencies or measurements by simply asking. She can easily convert temperature, cooking measurements, distance, area, speeds, time, weights, decimals, fractions and fluids.

  12. Flip a Coin, Roll the Dice or Pick a Number

    If you and your family or friends are having difficulty making decisions, give the Siri feature the task by asking her to flip a coin, pick a number or even roll dice. The “Pick a Number” feature defaults to 1-100, but you can easily edit this to any specific range.

  13. Playing or even identifying songs

    At this point, you’re probably not shocked that the Siri feature can play songs you request her to. However, if you’ve ever heard a new song and don’t know the title, she can figure it out.

  14. Punctuate messages

Just because the Siri feature is typing the message for you, doesn’t mean you can’t punctuate properly.

Having trouble with the Siri feature or need an in-person demonstration? Experience the Experimac difference and stop by your local Experimac, we’ll be happy to help you figure out the Siri feature or anything else related to your Apple devices that you may need assistance with.

Mobile Location Tracking & Ads – How to Protect Your Privacy on Your Apple® Device

Mobile Location Tracking & Ads – How to Protect Your Privacy

There’s no doubt that iPhone® devices are incredible devices. However, did you know that your iPhone device and some of your applications could be tracking your location?

Smartphones and their apps like Maps or Google Maps utilize your mobile location tracking information to provide GPS services. However, did you know that other apps such as gaming, restaurant or social media apps also use location services information from your phone? You can also be targeted to receive certain ads based on your location. For example, you may receive ads for a store when you are near that store.

While most users are not bothered by this at all, some are and would like to know which apps have access to this information. We’ve taken a look at some of the reasons why location tracking is helpful and how you can regulate which apps you allow to have access to this information.

Pros to Location Services:

  • Lost or Stolen Devices

    iPhone devices can utilize mobile location tracking when trying to track lost or stolen iPhone devices by enabling location services.

  • Parental Controls

    Location services enable parents to keep tabs on their underage children and their location.

  • Locate Lost Friends or Family

    If you have ever gotten separated from your group during a concert or other crowded event, you know how stressful it can be. By enabling mobile location tracking, you can find lost friends or family members in busy places such as concerts, parties or athletic events.

  • Law Enforcement

    In the past, law enforcement has made good use of location services by utilizing it in missing person cases as well as for documenting criminal activity.

  • Emergency Calls

    Whether or not you enable Location Services, your iPhone device’s location information can be used when placing emergency calls in order to give first responders the ability to find and help you.

How to Regulate Location Services:

  • Apps

    You can see which of your apps use location services by going to Settings>Privacy>Location Services. You can also individually control which apps can use your location services and when. Just know that some apps require it in order to function.

  • GPS Accuracy

    In order to ensure your GPS app is as accurate as possible, be sure to set the correct time, date and time zone under Settings>General>Date & Time.

  • Location Based Ads

    In order to turn off mobile location tracking based advertisements, you can go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and tap on the System Services button. Flip the Location-Based iAds to OFF.

If you are having trouble with mobile location tracking and regulating who you share this information with, Experimac’s techs are well-versed in the settings and features you’ll want to take a look at. Stop by your local Experimac store today and we will gladly help you out.

Experimac is Slaying the Competition Daily with Savings on Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products!

Save Money on certified pre-owned Apple® products

Purchasing an Apple device, whether it’s an iPad® tablet, MacBook® laptop or iMac® computer, is an investment. Although these products are not on the low end of the price range, when you purchase one of these devices you are also getting the reliability that comes with such a trusted brand.

We understand that most people are on a budget and need to watch every penny. It’s scary how much you can save on certified pre-owned products at Experimac. Slaying the competition daily with savings of up to 60% on certified pre-owned Apple® devices, Experimac is the place to shop!

Here are 3 key reasons for buying certified pre-owned Apple® devices from Experimac:

  1. Save money

    Owning a quality smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer does not have to break the bank. Because of well-made hardware and regular software updates, Apple devices make fantastic pre-owned products. Here at Experimac, we take it a step further and only sell devices that are certified pre-owned. What does that mean? It means we test all devices for sale in our stores – they have been refurbished, cleaned and thoroughly inspected. And because we only sell devices that make the cut in terms of quality, we guarantee our products. Buying a certified pre-owned apple device from Experimac means getting the device you want while saving money!

    1. 90-day warranty

      All services performed at any Experimac location are backed with a 90-day warranty. Whether you need to fix a cracked screen or a dead hard drive, we stand behind our services and will treat our repairs with the upmost care. We start by performing a thorough diagnostic assessment on the device to discover anything that could be causing an issue. Then, our highly-trained technicians carefully perform repairs, usually within a day.

      1. Financing available

        At Experimac, you not only save money on the device you want, we also work with you to make it yours! Our goal is to make life as easy as possible for you. From the iPhone® device to the iPad® tablet or even an iMac® computer, we make purchasing the device you want easier than you ever dreamed. You can even apply for financing online and get pre-approved before visiting our store.

      Don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase any of our fantastic certified pre-owned Apple® products or take advantage of any of our specialized services. Contact your local Experimac today to get started!

Meal Prep is a Breeze with These Thanksgiving Apps

Meal Preparing Thanksgiving Apps

Does Thanksgiving meal prep stress you out? Or are you one of those people who looks forward to a day of homemade delicious food all year long? Are you in charge of setting the table and looking for ways to impress your family and friends?

Figuring out what to make and how much to make can be a challenge for some people. However, thanks to technology, Thanksgiving meal prep is a breeze. From the turkey to cocktails, table decoration ideas and more, this list has been designed to help you from start to finish with décor and recipe apps for Thanksgiving.

  • Todoist
    Cooking an entire feast for several people in one day can be overwhelming. Organize yourself with the free app Todoist. Create and share to-do lists and reminders with yourself, and even delegate to-do items to family and friends. Todoist has a “Smart Schedule” feature, making scheduling tasks a breeze, from food shopping to invitations.
  • The Coupons App
    Finding deals on food, decorations and even Black Friday specials has never been easier. Download this free app and save on thousands of items at retail stores in your area. This app also includes restaurant coupons, saving you money while eating out once the Thanksgiving festivities are over and the chaotic holiday season begins.
  • Hobnob Invitations & Text RSVP
    Take the stress out of inviting guests to dinner this year with this free app. This app allows you to make a group, create and send invites out and receive RSVPs all in a matter of minutes from your iPhone® device. Send photos and keep the group you’ve made, making future event invites easier. You can also go back and check all events and photos you have shared with the group.
  • Food Network in the Kitchen
    Mix things up this year and incorporate new flavors to your Thanksgiving spread. Instantly access Food Network’s most popular recipes from famous chefs such as Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri . . . all for free on your iPhone device or iPad® tablet. This is not your average recipe app.
  • MixCocktails
    This free app is home to hundreds of cocktail recipes, conveniently categorized by type of drink. Discover some fun holiday recipes such as their Boozy White Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider Buttered Rum Cocktails, or even their Pumpkin Cheesecake Martini. Thanksgiving apps never tasted so good!
  • Yummly
    Do you or your guests have specific dietary needs? Yummly is a free app that lets you easily search through thousands of recipes with filters to meet your specific needs. If you are cooking for 20 people, some of which require gluten free food, for example, you can search with that criteria. Yummly offers meal recommendations, nutritional tracking and instructional videos. This is a whole new spin on a recipe app.
  • Pandora
    Don’t just whistle while you work, cook to the rhythm of your favorite artists for free with Pandora. Pandora plays music for hours on end based on artists or genres of music you choose, meaning you won’t have to stop and play DJ during the busy hours of the day.
  • Craftsy
    Find fun craft, cooking and décor ideas, lessons and instructional videos on this free app! Whether you’d like to learn how to crochet, decorate cakes, woodwork or create simple crafts for decorating your dinner table this holiday season, look at the thousands of ideas available on this app to get ready for your Thanksgiving celebration.
  • SharetheMeal
    Lastly, while you celebrate what you are thankful for, consider giving to those less fortunate with this app. SharetheMeal allows you to see where your donations go, and makes it easy to donate. Giving thanks takes on a whole new meaning when you are able to share with others.

We encourage you to plan ahead and download these apps to simplify your life as you prepare for Thanksgiving this year. Whether you are looking for recipe apps because you are eager to try something new or you need some tunes to keep you going in the kitchen while everyone else is gathered around the TV watching football, this list has it all.

Need someone to fix your iPhone device or iPad tablet screen before you start downloading these Thanksgiving apps? Don’t give it a second thought. Bring your phone or tablet to your local Experimac for a screen repair, no appointment is necessary.

Killer Halloween Apps: Our Top Picks

Halloween Apps

Are you looking forward to spooking family and friends this Halloween? Have you been planning your costume for months? Are you attending a party? Well, the countdown is on.

Here are Experimac’s top picks for the best Halloween apps for iPhone® devices and iPad® tablets.

  1. Glympse

Trick or treating can be a lot of fun, but it also brings up safety concerns. Keep your trick or treaters safe this Halloween by downloading Glympse, a free tracking app that allows users to sync and share their location in real time with approved “friends.” Set the app up for the time frame your trick or treaters plan to stay out, have them select you as a recipient and easily track them on your iPhone device, iWatch® device or iPad tablet. You can also request them to send their location via text, email or social media accounts.

  1. Halloween Spooky Sound Box

Looking for terrifying sound effects to use for a party or prank? Look no further! This free iPhone app offers 50 horrific sound effects, including spooky voices, Halloween music, or gruesome sounds.

  1. Craftsy

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for crafting and getting creative. Whether it be making costumes at home, baking, or making decorations for a party, Craftsy is a great free app for learning “how-to” when it comes to home-made Halloween fun. You can find ideas, kits, supplies and even online classes with this app. There is even a feature for asking questions and interacting with class instructors, making Halloween crafting easy for even the most inexperienced of crafters.

  1. Ghost Observer

Become your own ghostbuster with this fun and free ghost hunting app. Detect paranormal activity while using the camera feature on your iPhone device and hear them talk to you! There’s a translator feature, ghost radar and even a Ouija board included with this app.

  1. Foodie

Be sure to stay on top of your Halloween treat game this year by downloading this free app. Whether you need dessert, party or drink ideas for upcoming Halloween festivities, Foodie has detailed instructions and images to help you. Keep this app downloaded on your phone even after the Halloween fun is over, as this app keeps up with all holidays meaning good eats all year long.

  1. Zombies iMake

Halloween can be a scary time for young ones. Help them overcome their fear of monsters and ghouls with this free iPad app. Zombies iMake allows for users to create their own virtual monsters from a collection of colorful clothing and body parts. Users can even utilize the camera feature and add loved ones’ faces to their monsters, as well as add customizable accessories.

  1. Halloween Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy the season with free Halloween backgrounds and wallpapers. Choose from a variety of images, themes and styles.

We are just as excited about Halloween as you are so start downloading these great apps and get ready for all sorts of ghoulish fun. If you have any trouble with your iPhone device or iPad tablet, don’t hesitate to bring it in to your local Experimac store for a full diagnostic check. We do not want you to miss out on any opportunity to get ready for Halloween fun.