The 10 Most Common Ways People Break Their iPhone® Devices




We all love and depend on our smartphones in this day and age. We take it with us everywhere, unfortunately exposing it to many perilous situations. We have all either feared or experienced the heart-break that comes with breaking our iPhone device. The average iPhone device is destroyed or damaged in just ten weeks after its purchase and in under six weeks for the iPhone 4® device or iPhone 5® device, according to a recent survey. Here are the 10 most common ways people break their iPhone® devices:

  1. Dropped

The most common way iPhone devices get destroyed is by being dropped. Whether in a rush, juggling too many objects at the same time or simply a case of butter-fingers, thousands of iPhone devices have been dropped. Dropped iPhone devices can suffer from a variety of issues including a cracked screen, broken back glass, etc. Luckily for you, Experimac can often fix these while you wait and offer a 90-day guarantee on any of our services.

  1. Thrown

The next most common way iPhone devices bite the dust is by being thrown. Whether by accident, or in spite, iPhone devices getting thrown is not an uncommon occurrence. Screens shatter the moment the iPhone device hits the wall or floor.

  1. Crushed

Sat on, stepped on or shoved into a packed purse or backpack: another common way people have broken their phone is by crushing it. A broken home button, crushed charging port, or crushed screen can easily be fixed at your local Experimac.

  1. Pocket Dive

The small size of iPhone devices make them convenient pocket-mates. However, this can go very wrong when their owner bends over, squats or jumps. Pocket dives account for many broken iPhone devices.

  1. Liquids

Any iPhone device that is not the iPhone 7® device runs the risk of water damage. Whether it is a spilled drink or a plunge into the pool, water damage accounts for several destroyed iPhone devices. Experimac specializes in fixing iPhone devices that have been damaged by a variety of liquids, and can have your iPhone device up and running quickly.

  1. Children

iPhone devices make a great handheld source of entertainment for young and old alike. However, iPhone devices require gentle care, something that may not happen in the hands of a child. We’ve dedicated a spot for children on our list because leaving an iPhone device in the hands of a child may mean a combination of any of the other points: dropping, throwing, etc.

  1. Bad Phone Case

Some iPhone device users think they have protected their phone by putting a case on it. However, putting the wrong phone case on your iPhone® could mean destroying it. Some try to force an old case built for a different model on their phone, breaking the camera or crushing the edges of the phone. Even a soft case can cause destruction over a long period of time. Others don’t invest in a good case. Not every case can properly protect iPhone devices from dropping, throwing or other common means of destruction. Visit your local Experimac to shop for well-built iPhone device cases designed to protect your phone properly.

  1. Bathroom Use

Whether dropped into a tub or sink, or a pocket dive into the toilet, many iPhone devices are destroyed in the bathroom. Liquid damage strikes again in this example, and seems to happen most often in the bathroom. Leaving an iPhone device in a “dry” spot in the bathroom while taking a bath could even mean destruction. The steam and humidity emitted from a hot bath can cause water-damage and destroy your iPhone device over time.

  1. Car

Many iPhone device users have actually run over their beloved device. When looking for keys in a rush, it’s easy to become distracted and either place the phone on the roof or hood of the car, or unknowingly drop it. This, followed by driving off, leads to a run-over iPhone device.

  • Pets

Similar to children, pets don’t understand the value or fragility of an iPhone device, and can easily destroy it by playing with it, chewing it, peeing on it or crushing it.

Water damage, screen repairs, broken back glass repairs, battery replacements, home button repairs, charging port repairs and power button repairs . . . whatever has happened to your iPhone, Experimac has seen and fixed it all! We offer same day service and can usually fix your iPhone device while you wait with a 90-day guarantee on all of our services. Call one of our highly-trained sales associates at Experimac today to find out more.

Owner Spotlight: Christine Witte of Experimac of Fenton, MO

We recently sat with Christine Witte from Experimac Fenton, MO. She opened her store in April 2016 as a first time business owner.  Christine spent many years in the financial industry where during the first half of her career. With franchises across the country, Experimac is a trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, iMac® computers, MacBook® laptops and more. Additionally, we also sell accessories for these devices and offer same-day service for repairs and upgrades. We’re often able to fix your device while you wait. Experimac offers a 90-day warranty on all repairs because we want all of our customers to experience the Experimac difference.

Christine and her life partner, Chip Rhodes, are working the store together. When she first bought the store, he was really helpful because he had a lot of retail experience in management and sales. Combined with her operational background as well as her financial experience, they’ve made a success out of this business venture. She’s running some of the administrative side and taking care of the marketing while Chip focuses on the sales side. Christine has found that there is no beginning or end to the work day as a business owner. She explained that as a single mom, she often finds that she gets up early or stays up late to check emails, eBay listings for products or respond to quote requests. Life as an entrepreneur can be busy but Christine’s learned a lot along the way and places her customers at the top of the priority list. This has been getting Experimac of Fenton, MO some great reviews so it’s definitely the way to go.

EXPERIMAC: What was your background prior to joining Experimac?

Christine: I worked as a Risk Management Manager for Western Union. I managed the accounts receivable functions for their suite of products.  I had a very long career of 21 years with them.  I left that role to stay home with my daughter for about 6 or 7 years. I went back out into the business world and worked in operations for a couple of years in banking. Because of the financial crisis, Banking had become became highly regulated. The banks did some scrambling to try to keep up with what the government was throwing at them.  The environment was cut throat and very stressful.  I started thinking that I really just wanted to work for myself where I could have more impact and feel less constrained.

EXPERIMAC: What is your connection to the community? How long have you lived here? Why did you choose to go into business in Fenton?

Christine: I’ve lived in St. Louis my entire life. Chip has lived here for about 20 years. He’s actually from a small town south of St. Louis where he was born and raised and he settled here after college. It seemed like a great place to open a location since I’m from the general St. Louis area.

EXPERIMAC: Have you been able to get involved in the Fenton community? Networking groups, etc.?

Christine: Although it’s not a small town, St. Louis is considered a small town and everybody pretty much knows somebody you know. We do try to be involved. We participated in an event called Fenton Days, we were in the parade and we also had a booth and it was geared more towards businesses. It was a carnival-type event with a lot of booths and things for the kids to do, there was food and fun. It was a good event for us to get out and rub elbows with other businesses in the area. We also belong to the Chamber so we’ve been fairly active in the Chamber. We’ve attended a few events and also sponsored a couple of events and participated in grand opening for other businesses. We actually have a pretty good connection to the community; we’re fairly well-known by other Chamber members so we do get a fair amount of business from the Chamber. We’ve broadened ourselves a little bit and have gone outside of Fenton and attended a multi-city Chamber event.  We do participate with different user groups as well. Chip was recently involved with the Mac® user group in our area where he presented our concept and that brought some business into the store and also established us as an Apple® Computer authority in the area.

EXPERIMAC: What would you say has been the most interesting or exciting part of opening your own Experimac store? And the most challenging aspect of it?

Christine: Probably staffing has been the most challenging. When you’re working on other people’s equipment, most people consider their phones or computer equipment, as important as a child or spouse. You might as well be have their first-born in your back room. You just need to be very careful with people’s equipment.  The most interesting part is the people; we see such a broad range of people.  In my other career, most of my interaction with customers was over the phone, because I was in a back office corporate environment where I didn’t see people face-to-face, so it’s been very interesting and also very rewarding. You see so many different types of people and so many different walks of life.  I see people that are 12 years old standing at my counter with their parent because they broke their screen and 10 minutes later, a senior citizen might walk in because they want to get into the Apple® Computer market and they need a lot of hand-holding.  I was a little surprised about that part of the business,that I would enjoy getting to know people so much. We also have our share of crazy people walking in the door but that’s just few and far between and you’ll get that with any business. We do the best we can to make them all very happy.

EXPERIMAC: There really isn’t a typical Experimac customer, is there?

Christine: Definitely not. It might be more related to where our store is. To the south of us, it’s very rural but about 5 miles in the other direction, it’s a more affluent area. Our spectrum of customers is pretty broad.

EXPERIMAC: Are you guys doing the repairs yourselves or do you have technicians doing the work?

Christine: I have a couple of technicians that do the repairs. I tell myself every week that I’m going to go sit out there with them to learn so I don’t end up on the hot seat. Typically, the technicians are in an entry-level job so we have younger kids and I just haven’t had the opportunity to sit with them to learn. It’s on my list and I have aptitude for that sort of thing so it’s just a matter of making the time.

EXPERIMAC: What kind of feedback have you gotten from customers so far?

Christine: We’ve gotten pretty good feedback. Right now, we have all 5s in our reviews except for one 4 which was really related to something beyond our control and we have a 1 from a customer who was already irate when they came in to the store that we never had the chance to do business. There is a lot of reward in it because we get the opportunity to fix things for people who thought they were going to have to invest in a new device or they come in after visiting the Apple® store where they wanted to charge them $200 to fix something and we are able to do it for a minimal amount of money.

EXPERIMAC: Have you noticed any patterns in terms of the type of work you’re doing? Repairs, less upgrade or more upgrades or is it a mix bag?

Christine: It’s mixed. I get a daily string of repairs and then there will be a spurt of upgrades that comes in. All of a sudden, everyone that comes in has the older Macs® and they want the upgrades or they have a PC that’s loaded up with viruses and other issues.  We explain what is involved in repairs versus transitioning to a Mac that is readily available on the showroom floor, and usually they can see value in Apple® and showing them those differences makes sense.

EXPERIMAC: So, when you’re not working, do you have any hobbies or favorite pastimes?

Christine: I used to be a big gardener. The yard at my old house looked like it belonged in Better Homes & Gardens, but it’s not easy finding the time for that sort of yardwork anymore.  I also enjoy decorating but I’m struggling to finish those projects too. Sometimes you do get a day off and it’s so nice when you do. Chip and I had this discussion this morning. If you overschedule yourself and you don’t have any downtime, it feels like you’re on a treadmill and it’s important to sometimes take just a day and maybe take a nap or hop on a real treadmill. Doing something that’s just for yourself, not for other people but just for you. If you don’t, you start to go insane and feel like you’ve neglected yourself.  Balance is important.

EXPERIMAC: What would you say are the top 3 skills to be a successful entrepreneur?

Christine: Multitasking, organizational skills, and most importantly, in this business, people skills and relationship building.  For some people, talking to the general public is not a fun thing but if you make an effort to make connections with the people in your store by starting out with simple questions like their plans for the weekend or where their kids go to school, I find it makes a big difference. In this business, it’s very important to make connections. That’s probably going to be your next sale, somewhere down the road; it’s a good way to build relationships with people in the store. I’m pretty big on not letting my customers just sit in front of the TV waiting for their repair to be completed.  People need to feel comfortable when they’re in the store so they feel they want to come back.

Owning your own business requires a lot of time and dedication; it’s clear Christine Witte and Chip Rhodes are working hard and their success is paying off. If you live or work in the Fenton, MO area, stop by Experimac Fenton, MO and see how they can help you with repairs, upgrades, or trade-ins of your favorite Apple® products. We’re confident you’ll feel right at home at Experimac Fenton, MO and will receive excellent customer service.

Apple® Gifts for Him: Experimac’s Top Holiday Picks

Not sure what to get that special man in your life for the 2016 holiday season? Don’t fret! We have compiled a list of great Apple device-related gifts for him.

Every man wants electronic devices in this day and age and some are constantly looking for upgrades. Apple products provide users with durability as well as reliability; so no matter the personality or lifestyle of the man on your holiday shopping list, there is an Apple product for him. Here at Experimac, we offer savings up to 60% off retail price for most of our pre-owned products. Take a look at these top Apple picks for him:

  • Pre-owned MacBook® laptops and MacBook Pro® laptops
    Pre-owned MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops make affordable, yet fantastic, gifts as they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and abilities at your local Experimac. We will gladly help you pick out the perfect style that will surely please the man on your list. A pre-owned MacBook or MacBook Pro laptop will help him create and work flawlessly at home or on the road.
  • Pre-owned iPhone® devices
    The iPhone is considered by many to be the most popular electronic device of the century. Its convenience and beautiful design make it the perfect pocket-mate for young and older, more distinguished men alike. Whether FaceTiming® relatives, texting emojis, snapping selfies or answering emails on the go, the iPhone device has become the ideal smartphone and an international favorite. Experimac offers varied pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices. Now that’s a great gift idea!
  • Pre-owned iPad® tablets
    Not sure whether to get the man on your holiday list an iPhone or a MacBook? Consider getting him an iPad tablet. The iPad makes an amazing gift for the modern man as it has many uses; it is a great pick for leisure reading, movie-watching and ideal for professional presentations. It is larger than the iPhone, yet more convenient than the MacBook or MacBook Pro, making it a perfect combination of the two. The popular iPad has become an essential tool for students and professionals of all ages as well as for grandparents looking to see the latest pictures of their grandchildren or shop online. Your local Experimac store has several models for you to look at that would make for an affordable and impressive gift.
  • Accessories for iPhone devices, iPad tablets, MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops
    Shop for accessories for a variety of Apple devices at your local Experimac store. We carry items such as chargers, phone and laptop cases, headphones, keyboards, screen protectors, speakers, and Thunderbolt adapters. Give someone the total package, gift them a pre-owned iPad tablet with a new case in their favorite colors. Don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

Save money this holiday season by taking advantage of our wide variety of available pre-owned Apple devices. We take pride in our products and guarantee each Apple device we sell with a 90-day guarantee.

Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with gift ideas for the Apple device-loving man on your shopping list. Call us today or stop by the Experimac location closest to you and find the perfect gift for him without busting your holiday shopping budget.

iPhone® Device Gifts: The Best Gifts for iPhone Device Lovers

The iPhone device is quite possibly the most desirable and most used electronic device available. It’s likely that most of your loved ones use or want one. If you’re looking for iPhone device-related gift ideas, you’re in luck. Here at Experimac, we have compiled a quick list of perfect iPhone device gifts for the iPhone device users on your holiday shopping list. The best part of some of these gift ideas is that if your loved one already has the iPhone device, you can help them experience it on a whole new level with these amazing accessories and apps. Take a look at Experimac’s top gift picks for iPhone device lovers.

  • Pre-Owned iPhone Devices
    The iPhone is famous for its seamless design and its user-friendly technology loved by all ages. Often considered to be the most popular electronic device of the century, the iPhone is a perfect pocket-mate for young and old alike. Whether texting emojis, FaceTiming® friends and relatives, snapping photos or answering emails on the go, the iPhone® device has become the ideal smartphone and an international favorite. Experimac offers varied models to choose from with an average of 60% savings off retail price. The pre-owned iPhone devices make for excellent gifts.
  • Pre-Owned iPhone Plus® Devices
    Looking for a larger pocket-mate for your loved one? Consider purchasing a pre-owned iPhone Plus device for them. The iPhone Plus device offers specifications similar to those of the standard iPhone device but with a larger screen and better camera. These are major selling points for many users. Visit your local Experimac to see which iPhone Plus models are available; we’re sure an upgrade would be a wonderful surprise present for someone on your list.
  • iPhone Device Accessories
    No iPhone device lover is complete without the latest iPhone device accessories. Charger docks, screen protectors, and charging cases are amongst the accessories offered at your local Experimac for a great price.

Holiday shopping for the iPhone device lover on your shopping list just got easier. These affordable and impressive gift ideas for iPhone device lovers will surely warm their heart this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a phone for a new user or an upgraded model for someone, Experimac is here for you. Remember, when in doubt, stop by Experimac and we’ll be happy to help you out with your holiday shopping.

Season’s Gadgets: Best MacBook Pro® Laptop Gadgets and Accessories

Here at Experimac, we are your one-stop-shop for MacBook Pro® laptop needs this holiday season. We offer fantastic savings on a variety of pre-owned and refurbished MacBook Pro® laptop computers that work the same as new. We guarantee our pre-owned inventory with a 90-day guarantee and we also offer financing plans for those on a budget. We have put together a quick look at some must-have MacBook Pro® laptop accessories. Take a look at our list of the best MacBook Pro® laptop accessories and gadgets:

  • Headphones
    Headphones can drastically change the way the MacBook Pro® lover on your list experiences studying in a library or uses their laptop at work by keeping music, presentations and other audio private yet pleasurable. Here at Experimac, we offer a variety of headphones perfect to pair with the MacBook Pro®.
  • Apple® Charger
    Did the MacBook Pro® lover on your list break or lose their Apple® charger? Don’t let them settle for less! No charger works better than an Apple® charger. Replace it today at Experimac!
  • Thunderbolt Adapters
    Thunderbolt 3 offers a connection with state-of-the-art speed and versatility. Delivering twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2, it consolidates data transfer, video output, and charging in a single, compact connector. And with the integration of USB-C, convenience is added to the speed of Thunderbolt to create a truly universal port.

    Give convenience to the MacBook Pro® lover on your list by helping them consolidate all of their data transfer, video output and charging in one simple connector: The Thunderbolt adaptor. Visit your local Experimac today to see our variety of choices.

  • External Hard Drives
    MacBook Pro® laptop users with a taste for multimedia consumption may find themselves yearning for more hard drive space than the 128GB base model can offer. This is an easy solution that can add up to 1TB of space, and a lot of flexibility, to your MacBook Pro® laptop with virtually no impact.
  • Carrying Cases/Sleeves
    So you got a new MacBook Pro® laptop? Time to protect your investment! Sleeves and cases offer MacBook Pro® laptop users an elegant and reliable way to protect their new computer. There are numerous types of sleeves and cases, each with unique a style and set of specifications.
  • External Speakers
    Help the MacBook Pro® lover on your list listen to their music, movies and audio loudly and proudly by giving them the perfect set of external speakers! External speakers can update the MacBook Pro® experience immediately, find out more from a sales representative at your local Experimac.
  • Mouse
    Having a separate mouse is a must-have-accessory for the MacBook Pro® user who is used to using a mouse versus a track-pad. Experimac has a variety of styles to choose from.
  • Screen Guards
    Help the MacBook Pro® lover on your holiday shopping list protect their beloved investment with a screen guard. Find the screen guard specifically designed for their MacBook Pro® by speaking to one of our friendly sales staff today.

When you plan your holiday gifts and start checking people off your list, don’t forget about these great gift ideas for the MacBook Pro® laptop user on your list. Experimac knows what the tech-savvy MacBook Pro® laptop user is looking for!

Tech Gift Ideas

Technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate, conduct business and entertain. Now with the holiday season quickly approaching, it is a good idea to make sure the loved ones on your list have what they need to succeed and be happy in the tech-savvy world we live in. Not sure what tech gifts to give your loved ones? No worries! Let the experts at Experimac assist you in picking out the perfect pre-owned Apple® device for your loved one.

Electronic devices come in a large variety of sizes with specialized features to suit different needs, making them an individualized and thoughtful gift. When you shop at Experimac, you can save up to 60% off the retail price which makes these gift ideas even more attractive and impressive:

  • Pre-owned iPhone® devices
    Gifting a pre-owned iPhone device to your loved one will make communicating with them easier and a lot more fun. We have various models to choose from, such as iPhone 6s®, iPhone 6s+®, iPhone 6®, iPhone 6+® and even some iPhone 5s®.
  • Pre-owned iPad® tablets
    Pre-owned iPad tablets are a great tool for loved ones who are on the go or require flexible web access. Experimac has great inventory to choose from including iPad Mini 1®, iPad Mini 2®, iPad Mini 3®, iPad 2®, iPad 3®, iPad 4®, iPad Air® and iPad Air 2®.
  • Pre-owned MacBook® laptops and iMac® computers
    Pre-owned MacBook laptops with retina displays and iMac computers are vital tools for any home office, dorm, or family room. We can offer you 12” MacBook®, 13” MacBook Pro Retina and 15” MacBook Pro Retina®, for example. We also have iMac computers with a thin panel in 20”, 21.5”, 24” and 27” to choose from.
  • Accessories
    To make life easier and to protect these important devices, a large variety of cases, keyboards, screen protectors, headphones, etc. can be purchased as great stocking stuffers.

Are you looking to impress your gift recipients this year? Purchasing pre-owned electronic devices for your loved ones this holiday season doesn’t have to break the bank. Experimac specializes in refurbishing pre-owned Apple devices and offering them at incredibly discounted prices. We also guarantee all of our devices for 90 days, meaning that your purchase is risk-free and worry-free. Remember, we also offer repair and upgrade services for everything from cracked iPhone device screens to RAM and hard drive upgrades. Financing options are available for those who need them, don’t forget to ask about this when you visit our store.

Let our friendly Experimac staff assist you find affordable and impressive gift ideas for the Apple device lovers on your shopping list today by calling one of our friendly sales associates or by stopping by an Experimac location close to you.

iPad® Tablet Gifts: The Best Gifts for iPad Tablet Lovers

The iPad tablet is one of the most loved electronic devices available on the market. It is extremely popular and for good reason; with a variety of models and seamless software, the versatile iPad tablet is a perfect tool for any age, profession or need. With the holiday season quickly approaching, finding the perfect iPad tablet gifts for the Apple® device lovers on your list can be a daunting task. Experimac has a large selection of pre-owned iPad tablets available that will save you $50 – $150, on average, and will totally impress the recipient of this great gift. Take a look at some of our pre-owned recommendations for gifts for iPad tablet lovers:

    • Pre-Owned iPad Mini® Tablet
      The iPad Mini is the perfect tablet for someone looking for convenience and performance. Though tiny, this tablet is easily able to compete with bigger tablets and comes in a variety of colors and specifications.
    • Pre-Owned iPad Air® Tablet
      The iPad Air is one of the best performing Apple products available. With varied models, colors and specs, the iPad Air has been praised for its larger screen size, quality and performance.
    • Pre-Owned iPad Pro® Tablet
      The iPad Pro makes a great gift for the “creatives” in your life. This tablet has really made a name for itself with a truly impressive retina display and two sizes to choose from; the iPad Pro’s processor leaves many behind in the dust.
    • iPad Tablet Cases, Etc.
      A case is essential for any iPad tablet owner, and updating your loved one’s iPad tablet case can make a perfect gift. Cases come in varied colors, styles and can even have varied features. Whether it is used for watching Netflix or leisurely reading at a coffee shop, a case with a stand creates ease for several activities and will help you love your iPad tablet in an entirely new way. By having a keyboard, your iPad tablet will instantly feel like a small laptop creating an easy work or school tool. Start your search for a new case by taking a look at iPad cases sold at your local Experimac.

Another great gift option for the iPad tablet user in your life is an additional charger to keep in their backpack or at the office.

Whether you’re shopping for a teenager, a mature businessman, or your grandmother this holiday season, if they love their iPad tablet, the possibilities are endless. And the best part is that you can shop with confidence when you shop Experimac because we have a 90-day warranty. There are also financing plans available. You should have no trouble finding gift ideas for the iPad tablet lover in your life. Remember, Experimac is here to help with your shopping list.

Gift Ideas for Apple® Device Lovers: Save on Pre-Owned

The holiday season will be here before you know it! Do you know what you’re going to give your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further!

Electronic devices are essential to our modern way of life and Apple products are popular gifts for many reasons: they are reliable, durable and easy to use. Here at Experimac, we offer a fantastic variety of pre-owned Apple devices at an average of up to 60% savings off retail. Not sure which pre-owned Apple device would make the best gift? Not a problem! Apple devices come in an incredible variety of sizes, styles and uses but here are some great options:

  • Pre-owned iPhone® devices – Arguably the most popular electronic device of the century; its sleek design and user-friendly technology makes it the perfect pocket-mate for young and old alike. Whether FaceTiming® relatives, texting emojis, snapping selfies or answering emails on the go, the iPhone device has become the ideal smartphone and an international favorite. We have a few models available to choose from at your local Experimac store.
  • Pre-owned iPad® tablets – A great pick for on-the-go web access, leisure reading or movie-watching as well as useful for presentations because of their compact size. The popular iPad has become an essential tool for students of all ages. Your local Experimac store has several models for you to look at with average savings of $50-$150.
  • Pre-owned MacBook® laptops and MacBook Pro® laptops – The reliable and sleek MacBook laptops with retina displays are available in a variety of configurations at your local Experimac and will surely please anyone on your list. Give your loved ones the ability to create and work seamlessly.
  • Accessories for iPhone devices, iPad tablets and MacBook laptops – Shop for accessories for a variety of Apple devices at your local Experimac store. We carry items such as chargers, phone and laptop cases, headphones, keyboards, screen protectors and speakers. Give someone the total package, gift them a pre-owned iPad tablet with a new case in their favorite colors.

Save money this holiday season by taking advantage of our wide variety of available pre-owned Apple devices that make for extremely impressive and affordable gifts! The amount of money you will save, 60% on average, by purchasing pre-owned Apple devices will make it easy to find the perfect gift for the Apple product lovers on your holiday shopping list. We take pride in our products and guarantee each Apple device we sell with a 90-day guarantee. We also offer a few financing plans to make the purchase stress-free.

Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with gift ideas for Apple device lovers. Call us today or stop by the Experimac location closest to you and find the perfect gift for an Apple device lover without busting your holiday shopping budget.

Experimac’s 15 Holiday Apps

The holidays truly are the best time of the year!

Did you know that there are apps designed specifically for the holidays? Whether you are looking for recipes, organization, music or just some holiday fun, we’ve created a list of 15 free apps that will improve how you celebrate and prepare for this year’s festivities. Here is our list of the best 15 holiday apps:

  1. Light My Fire: A Hanukkah App
    Now, you can celebrate Hanukkah no matter where you are. This app allows you to choose your own Hanukkah lamp from the world-renowned collection of New York’s Jewish Museum. Then, you’ll select a background to place it on, light the lamp and share it with family and friends. This makes it easier for those who are traveling during this hectic time of year.
  2. Pandora Radio
    Don’t wait around in hopes of catching your favorite holiday songs on the radio, download Pandora Radio and add any of your favorite artists or genres, including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa music. You can even create a station based around a specific song or artist. It’s free and easy to use year-round!
  3. A Call from Santa! Phone Call & Voicemail of Santa Claus
    Call Santa from your iPhone® device this holiday season with this awesome app! Santa can call your children and praise or discipline them. You can schedule calls with Santa for varied times and for varied specific reasons. This is a creative way to bring the magic of the North Pole into your annual holiday routine.
  4. GiftPlanner
    This app will help you organize, budget and find gifts for everyone on your shopping list for the holidays, birthdays and other events all year long. You can add as many people as you want. Once you add someone, you can assign interests and track gift ideas. Each gift idea you assign is a separate page and you can add information about the gift including the price, pictures of the gift, Safari bookmarks of where to find it and you can even scan the gift’s barcode using your device’s camera to quickly fill in gift info. This app will total the prices of your gifts helping you keep control of your budget. You can even protect your secret gift data with a passcode or with Touch ID.
  5. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks
    Have a thousand things going on? Holiday shopping, flights to book, dry cleaning to pick up, holiday show costumes for your kids, cookies to bake for your son’s class, your daughter needs a haircut, the house needs to be cleaned, etc. To-do lists are pointless if you lose the sheet of paper it’s written on. Keep your to-do list where it’s safe – on your phone, tablet and computer. With Wunderlist, you can instantly sync between all of your devices so you can access your lists no matter where you are. You can also easily share your lists, reminders and due dates with loved ones.
  6. Elf Yourself
    This app has become an annual favorite for millions! Started by Office Depot, Elf Yourself allows you to “elf” yourself, your friends, co-workers or family members and star in a personalized music video. Start your own Elf Yourself video by uploading pictures of you and your loved ones, select a dance theme and the app will create a customized Elf Yourself video. Share it with others via Facebook or email, and spread the holiday cheer in a fun and “elf” way!
  7. BigOven
    This app makes cooking a breeze. Seasonal recipes are posted on the home page for your convenience, in addition to a library of hundreds of recipes, as well as the option to create grocery lists based on the recipes you’d like to make. You can even add pictures of your own recipes. Thinking of having a potluck? There is a social feature that allows you to check out what your friends and family are making! All in all, this is a great resource for cooking throughout the holidays and even all year-round.
  8. Christmas Countdown!
    There are several Christmas Countdown apps, however “Christmas Countdown!” is our pick due to its great reviews and its ability to countdown to Christmas in “heartbeats”. This app will help you celebrate the countdown to Christmas with its cute characters, winter-themes and Christmas music.
  9. Merry Christmas Photo Editor
    This app is a great option for creating holiday pictures without the hassle. Edit your photos with Santa hats, festive frames and even snowy backdrops. This makes sharing photos with loved ones even more fun!
  10. 123 Color: Hanukkah Coloring Book
    This app is a lot of fun for children and adults alike. It’s an educational app but they’ll be having so much fun, they may not even notice they’re also learning. It now features numbers, letters and colors spoken in 12 languages and dialects.
  11. Cookie Maker for Christmas Holiday 2016
    Have fun baking digital cookies with your family this holiday season with the easy-to-use Cookie Maker for Christmas Holiday 2016 app for your Apple® device. From mixing the batter, to choosing cookie cutter shapes, to decorating, this app simulates baking cookies. No mess, only fun!
  12. Pinterest
    Pinerest is a fantastic app for any season, special event or even for daily tasks. On this app, people post pictures and ideas for a multitude of things: anything from baking recipes, holiday crafts, fashion ideas for holiday parties or even home decorating for the holidays. Whether you need help finding the perfect Christmas dinner menu, gift ideas, or crafts to make with the kids, Pinterest offers thousands of ideas and how-tos.
  13. Toys R Us
    Not sure what the hottest toys are this season? No need to fear or even stop by a busy toy store. Toys R Us has an app, and you can do anything on there from perusing through toys, creating a wish list, or even making purchases. This app also has the barcode scanner feature, making saving gift information quick and easy. The weekly ad and sales are even posted, helping you to save big bucks this holiday season.
  14. Letters to Santa Claus Free
    This app is pretty self-explanatory: you and your children can write letters to Santa using this app, and within an hour, he will write back! You can send as many letters as you want and you can even send mittens, cookies or bells as small gifts for Santa. None of Santa’s letters back will make any promises, so rest assured this won’t make your Christmas season any more strenuous than it should be!
  15. Amazon
    We saved the best for last on this list. Amazon has got to be the best way to shop for all of your loved ones this year. With Amazon Prime and Prime Now becoming widely available, you can get your gifts quickly without expensive shipping fees. Amazon has a feature called a “Wish List” that can be shared amongst friends and family members, making it easy for everyone to know what gifts to get. Amazon makes returns easy and everything can be done through their app.

Remember, don’t stress this holiday season! Embrace Experimac’s 15 holiday apps and make your holiday living and gift-giving that much more enjoyable.

Owner Spotlight: Travis Howe from Experimac of Cumming, GA

Recently, we sat to talk with Travis Howe from Experimac of Cumming, GA. The Cumming store opened in June 2015. Travis has worked long hours to get his Experimac store where he wants it. Experimac is a trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, iMac® computers, MacBook® laptops and more with locations across the country. Experimac also sells accessories and offers same day service for repairs and upgrades. Often, Experimac is able to fix your device while you wait offering a 90-day warranty on all repairs because we want all of our customers to experience the Experimac difference.

Although he had never run his own business before, he came from the corporate world where he had experience working with international companies. Travis spent twenty-five years working in diverse business development operations and another ten years as a managing director on an international level. He elaborated, “I had a lot of business development and sales and marketing experience and a lot of executive management as well.” There’s no doubt those years spent in the corporate world have influenced his success with Experimac of Cumming, GA.

Travis has teamed up with his wife, Becky, in life and in business. He was telling us that they had never worked together prior to owning Experimac of Cumming, GA but as it turns out, she’s played a critical role. She’s been keeping everything organized behind-the-scenes as she is very detail-oriented and really good with research and analysis. Becky handles all of the inventory levels, online banking, QuickBooks, etc. Every entrepreneur knows these things can make or break you. They are originally from Georgia but they spent about 14 years up north in New Jersey and Ohio. Travis and Becky have been back in Forsyth County for the last 12 years. Here’s more of what Travis had to share:

EXPERIMAC: What is your connection to the community? Why did you choose to open a business in Cumming, GA?

TRAVIS: A lot of our connections are through our Church and through a lot of different organizations that are connected through our Church, other ministries. We had a wide network of people that we knew here through our neighborhood as well. We opened a business here because for the last 10 years, Forsyth County has been one of the top 10 counties for growth in the nation. There are some really good areas here that had a strong market influence with some of the zip codes here being amongst the wealthiest in the country. That’s not the case for other zip codes but we have a really diverse group of people here in Forsyth County so it’s been a really great place to open up a business.


EXPERIMAC: Being that you’re from the community, what level of involvement do you have with the local community today? Have you joined any specific networking groups or chambers?

TRAVIS: I joined a group called Northeast Business Connection. They are based predominantly here in Georgia and they’ve got chapters all over north Georgia. I was involved with one where you had different businesses like real estate agents, insurance agents, remodelers, etc. I felt it was a good way to get involved and to start with. Most of our efforts have come through word of mouth and people just coming into our store. We’ve done a lot of business with Churches in the area. We’re also expanding to radio advertisements locally.


EXPERIMAC: What would you say has been the most interesting or exciting part of owning your Experimac location? And the most challenging aspect of it?

TRAVIS: The most interesting thing is getting off to a very good start, some of the numbers are what they told us to expect. But, in general, we got off to a very good start in the business and were able to turn a profit early on and to be able to see our business grow. It’s you and your family here, so you’re probably going to be putting in more hours, particularly at the start. Sometimes, it’s hard to get away so it’s been a really good learning experience to manage all of this and still move forward. As far as the people working with us, we’ve been really fortunate. We hired two technicians; one stayed with us for the first year but he went back to school and one is still with me today. We’ve been able to hire additional people that have really done a great job for us so really that’s not been a challenge at all. I’d say the ongoing challenge right now is having the right mix of products in the store, having the right suppliers to really keep driving your margins in a really good area. Those things continue to be a lot of work for us but they’ve also been exciting and rewarding as well.


EXPERIMAC: Have you been doing the majority of repairs yourself or have you hired technicians to help you out?

TRAVIS: Well, I don’t repair anything. I know a lot more about the Mac products than when I started but my technicians do all the repair work from repairing cracked screens to all the intricate work on laptops and desktops. There’s not anything we don’t do. We work on a lot of older Mac products; Apple doesn’t work on anything over 5 years old so a lot of that work is referred to us by other authorized Apple retailers. I’ve got highly qualified techs here that sell and repair. Right now, we actually have 4 people working for us and they all do a really good job of working with customers on the floor and doing the repair work. That’s been a bright spot for us; we really want to be known for having great quality of service and very fast turnaround time in all of our stores.

EXPERIMAC: You had some former Apple Genius® guys working for you, didn’t you?

TRAVIS: We did for a short period of time but we knew we wouldn’t be able to hold on to him for too long. He imparted quite a bit of expertise while he was here so we learned a lot of the things we could do with Apple in regards to warranties, etc. He imparted a lot of knowledge to the techs that are still here so we appreciate the time that he was here. It was well worth having him here for a couple of months.


EXPERIMAC: What kind of feedback have you gotten from customers?

TRAVIS: If you look at our reviews, our feedback has been really, really good. We’ve maintained 5.0 reviews on Facebook and Yelp and 4.9 on Google. We have a lot of repeat customers. There’s a guy that was in today that just bought a 15-inch MacBook laptop from me and he’s already bought two other computers. He’s always coming back here so we have a lot of customers that like to come back in and have just become part of our family. That’s what we’re trying to build, a culture that we really care about our customers and that’s worked out quite well for us here.


EXPERIMAC: What kind of repairs are you doing most frequently? Are you noticing any kinds of patterns in what customers are needing?

TRAVIS: Some of the stuff we do on an ongoing basis is repairing cracked iPhone screens. That’s what we’re going to see most often because people are dropping their phones quite often and cracking screens. A lot of our computer repair work is really upgrading RAM, upgrading hard drives, replacing top assemblies when the LCD or the glass breaks, and the same kind of upgrades on iMacs too. That’s the kind of work we really like to do. We’re also doing a lot of data migration as well as work on PCs that we didn’t do at the beginning but that’s mainly a lot of virus clean up and some hard drive changes.


EXPERIMAC: Is there a typical Experimac customer?

TRAVIS: That’s the real beauty of it, there’s not! We do a lot of business with seniors that come in with nowhere else to go with their Mac products and they maybe need a little bit more hand holding on how to handle the operating system on a laptop or a desktop iMac, or even operating their iPhone or their iPad. I’ve got very, very patient techs working with them. We’ve got a lot of moms and dads buying for their kids, we’ve got a lot of kids coming in looking for themselves because they’re going off to college and we’ve got a lot of churches because they’re predominantly Mac users for running all of their services. A lot of small businesses come in that are using QuickBooks and running Windows and using Parallels software to swipe in and out of Windows and OS without restarting. Our customers can be everybody and anybody.


EXPERIMAC: How many hours are you working in a typical day?

TRAVIS: 40 (chuckling) . . . it’s pretty much a full 8 to 10-hour day doing a lot of different things. As time passes, my guys here can really take care of opening and closing to a degree so we can take off a little bit more time than we did in the early days. It’s worked out really well. I’ve got good people that I really trust and believe in but they’re pretty full days around here.


EXPERIMAC: In your spare time, what are some of your hobbies and pastimes?

TRAVIS: I used to be a really big tennis player but I don’t get a chance to get out and do that as much anymore. Landscaping is probably one of my biggest hobbies, just doing a lot of things like that around the house. The first year we opened the business, I didn’t really have a lot of time to do that. I’ve been able to get back to do that more recently. We do have a place up on the lake but we haven’t seen it lately. There’s a lot of things we enjoy doing but we’re just trying to get the business to a point where we can take off a little more so we can do some traveling and see our grandchildren out in Arizona.


EXPERIMAC: What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

TRAVIS: I would say that sales skills would be the number one thing because no matter what your business is, you’re going to be selling to some extent. If you come from a different background, that’s going to be one you’re going to need to learn how to do. Also, I’d say understanding the financial side of the business (cash flow, margins, etc.) so you can run a really successful business. Lastly, I’d say being a good leader for the people who work for you and working well with your customer base.


EXPERIMAC: What are your thoughts about being part of a franchise organization?

TRAVIS: I think the reason you buy a franchise is because they’ve got a good successful model and you should never buy a franchise if you’re not going to follow the model. You might as well go ahead and start something on your own because that’s where you’re going to wind up. I think the UFG corporate group has been doing this for a long time, they have some very good people there and of course, with a new brand, like Experimac, there are certainly some growing pains. Having been in some of those situations before helped me to really work with them because I understand what they’re going through. I’ve given suggestions but I think they’re doing a great job overall and they’re getting where us we need to be as we’ve grown as a franchise. They’ve gotten more people on board there that can support the brands that go up so I think it’s been a great experience whether I keep the store for 2 years or 10. It’s been a lot of fun!

Travis Howe’s long days are paying off. He seems to be getting the Cumming, GA store to a point where it will seem like it almost runs itself and he’s enjoyed the process, which makes it even better. Understanding the diversity of his customer base and their various needs is surely part of the success he is experiencing. We encourage you to keep Travis, his team of techs, and Experimac of Cumming, GA in mind for your next computer or device repair, upgrade, trade-in or purchase. We know you’ll be writing a 5-star review of your own if you work with them.