Summer Reading: Making it Easy and Fun

Summer reading is many students’ least favorite part of summer. However, not reading can cause students to lose learning gains they’ve just spent almost a year making. Struggles with reading affects learning in all content areas and can lead to challenges passing future assessments and classes. Help your children to hold onto their reading skills this summer; motivate your children to read independently and practice reading skills over the long break with these easy to access and use apps:

  1. OverDrive

    This outstanding app is not only free but allows you to use your library card to access e-books offered from your local library! Choose from thousands of books from libraries across the country. How cool is that? Checking to see if your local library is part of the program is easy.

  2. Tales2Go

    Motivating children to read over the summer is often a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, audio books make summer reading much easier for less motivated students or struggling readers. Give your family access to thousands of outstanding audio books for just $9.99 a month with Tales2Go. Following along in the text while listening to the audiobook is a great strategy for emerging readers and this works really well on long road trips.

  3. Comic Life 3

    Another way of promoting literacy at home over the summer is to provide children with a creative outlet. Comic Life 3 does just that in a comic book setting. Help your students fall in love with the art of storytelling and give them a platform to create their own stories using imagery and small captions. This encourages the use of creativity and imagination while reinforcing writing skills.

  4. Epic!

    This e-reader app is perfect for children 12 and under and provides users with access to thousands of books. As students read, they earn badges to acknowledge varied accomplishments. Families can set up individual user profiles to keep track individually of titles they’ve read. Consider setting a weekly goal for each child and reward those who reach their goal.

  5. Newsela

    Provide daily news articles for students of all reading levels to practice informational reading skills. This app provides a variety of topics for students to read about; topics are easy to find using the search feature of the app. Understanding non-fiction texts is a critical skill for test taking yet it’s not a genre most students pick up on their own.

Make the summer of 2018 a memorable one for your kids by setting reading goals and establishing a time for everyone in the family to share what they’ve been reading. Summer reading can take place anywhere – on the couch, in the backyard, by the pool, on a road trip or during a long flight or train ride. No excuses! Bring your iPad tablet® to your local Experimac store where no appointment is necessary. Our experienced techs will take care of that screen repair you’ve been procrastinating to get done. Or, if it’s time to look for a newer model, we may have just what you’re looking for and you can trade in your current device.

It’s Time for a Road Trip! What Accessories Should You Take?

Planning a summer road trip? Make sure you’re well-equipped with all the best accessories and other necessary items to ensure you’re ready for anything! We have created a handy list for you to use when prepping for your next trip. Take a look at the list below before hitting the road for your next trip.

  • Chargers

    Don’t leave home without the chargers you need for all of your devices and consider bringing an extra charger just in case one stops working or mysteriously disappears. According to SmarterTravel, chargers, particularly cell phone chargers, are the top left-behind item at hotels. Consider keeping a charger in your car and keeping one on your person in a backpack or purse. When you think about the fact that our electronic devices serve as our source of communication, GPS navigation, camera, and top source of entertainment, not having a charged device could be devastating. Pack a car charger in addition to your current charger; you’ll thank yourself later!

  • Waterproof Phone Case

    Make sure your phone is prepared for anything with a waterproof phone case. The last thing you need on a road trip is to have your phone rendered useless. Protect it from rain, pools, drops and all waterborne illnesses that can have serious consequences for your phone.

  • Selfie Stick

    Whether you hate them or love them, selfie sticks make it easier to take those necessary road trip photos – someone sleeping in the back seat or a cool roadside pit stop with everyone in the photo.

  • iPad® Tablet

    Yes, we all love our smartphones, but when making reservations online, following a GPS or even looking to entertain the backseat passengers, sometimes a smartphone is just not enough. This is when having an iPad tablet would come in extra handy! Bringing an iPad tablet along means you’ll be able to supply movies and other entertainment for your road trip companions. Screen time for younger passengers is not just a distraction; the time spent on the iPad tablet could be productive. There are a lot of summer reading apps and other educational apps available to help them keep their minds engaged.

  • Sunglasses

    Be sure to protect your eyes from glare and bright reflections while driving or even when you’re the passenger. Squinting from bright light can actually cause headaches and nausea. Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and should be a priority anytime you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

  • Smartphone Mount

    As you know, our smartphones serve several purposes on road trips. Make it easy and safe to answer calls, read the GPS and listen to your favorite playlists with a smartphone mount. The last thing you want to deal with while driving is trying to steer while juggling a phone. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, safety should be considered.

  • Pet Items

    Are you considering taking your furry family members on your summer road trip this year? If yes, remember to bring along plenty of food and water with bowls to serve them in, their collar or harness as well as their leash, a few of their favorite toys, and a blanket to help them get cozy during the long drive too. If your furry friend takes any medications, you’ll need to bring those along as well.

  • Snacks

    Be sure to pack snacks, especially if you’re planning a particularly long road trip or planning to go off the grid. You want to try and select snacks that don’t need refrigeration and will still supply nutrition. Tempting as they may be, stay away from overly salty or sweet choices like candy or chips and instead go for almonds, dried fruit, protein bars, and coconut water. If you have space, a small cooler with some water bottles is a nice extra.

  • Headphones

    When traveling with a group, the last thing you want to fight over is what kind of music should be played on the trip. Make sure you pack a pair of headphones for each traveler joining you, giving everyone on your trip the ability to be their own DJ.

Making the extra effort to prepare ahead of time for your summer road trip will hopefully mean it’s a better experience for everyone. If you need help with any of the accessories you have, need to get your screen repaired, or just need to purchase extra chargers, stop by your local Experimac store today. Our experienced team is ready to help you get ready for your road trip!

Best Apps and Games to Keep Kids Thinking This Summer

School is out and summer is upon us! Figuring out what to do with the kids all summer is a challenge for most parents. Some families will opt for a big vacation or maybe even sleep away camp but what about the rest of the summer? While beach days and camping trips are great summer activities, keeping your kids’ brains active is important too! Take a look at some of the best apps and games available to engage their minds in a fun and motivational way.

Grades: Preschool – 5th

  • Highlights

    This developer, famous for their children’s magazine, has produced a few apps all aimed at improving literacy and critical thinking skills in children. From their hidden pictures app to one app called “All About Summer,” Highlights offers children a variety of fun yet academic apps that are easy and free to download and use.

  • ABC Mouse

    Studies have shown that this app has improved math and literacy skills in elementary-aged children. It teaches subjects such as reading, math, science, and art through the use of interactive activities, songs, and even offline printable activities!

Grades: K – 8th

  • BrainPOP

    < This app features animated movies that are easy for students to relate to followed by some questions to ensure comprehension of the video. From core subjects such as math, reading, science, and history to electives such as health, art, music and even engineering, BrainPOP is designed for elementary and middle school students to use on their own and support cross-curricular education.

  • Inventioneers

    If your child is creative or you want to support creative thinking skills, look at this app. Your child can create inventions, learn about science, and even share their inventions with friends. Inventioneers comes in a free and deluxe version and is compatible with Apple and Android devices alike.

Grades: 9th – 12th, College and grad students

  • Khan Academy

    “You can learn anything” is this app’s tagline and rightfully so! With over 40,000 Common Core-aligned questions and interactive exercises, your child can easily spend the summer preparing for upcoming exams such as the SAT, ACT, and school entrance exams. Khan Academy is even equipped to prepare users for the GMAT and MCAT! This app is designed for high school, college and post-grad students looking to sharpen their skills in algebra, calculus, statistics, finance, chemistry, physics, art history, economics and much more! Make sure your son or daughter is ready for the upcoming school year by sharing this app with them!

  • Scholly

    So your child has spent over a decade studying and might be over the summer-studying. Seeing that it’s never too early to start considering scholarships, help motivate your teenager by subscribing to Scholly. For just $2.99 a month, Scholly makes it easy to find and apply to scholarships, keep track of deadlines and follow up on outcomes. While this app will not reinforce specific subject matter, a summer spent filling out scholarship applications teaches life skills, is time well-spent, and depending on the scholarship, could involve writing an essay to submit with the application.

While the lackadaisical days of summer spent doing nothing productive may be every child’s dream, it’s likely not in their best interest to let their brain take a vacation all summer long. These great apps will help keep every child thinking and ensure they start off the next school year on the right foot. Should your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet need a little tune up or screen repair so your child can benefit from these apps, stop by your local Experimac store today – no appointment necessary.

Summer Is Heating Up: Great Deals on Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products

Summer is the time of year when we all try to slow down a little and make time to create memories, check out new local spots, get back in shape and hang out with friends and family. Can’t decide on which of those you want to accomplish? Do them all! Get the tools you need to have the summer you want by updating your phone, tablet, watch or laptop with some great deals on certified pre-owned Apple products at Experimac. Here are some of Experimac’s summer favorites:

  • iPhone 6S Plus® Device

    Our smartphone pick for summer fun is the iPhone 6S Plus device. It does everything you need it to do on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost of the iPhone 8® or the iPhone X®. Check your email, listen to your favorite music while you work out, take some great photos and don’t spend more than you have to.

  • Apple Watch® Device

    The Apple Watch device is the perfect summer accessory. First of all, tracking your health and making healthier choices throughout the day has never been easier. Easily track your activity, differentiate between resting or active calories burned and even monitor your heart rate. This summer, there are several new and stylish Apple Watch device bands being released, making the Apple Watch device not only a smart accessory but an incredibly stylish one too. Lastly, this device will make answering phone calls and texts way easier than you ever imagined.

  • iPad® Tablet

    Redefine travel entertainment and invite convenience into your life with the iPad tablet. Easily pre-load movies onto your iPad tablet before taking a flight or heading out on a road trip and use your iPad tablet as a mini movie theater anywhere you go this summer. Completing summer reading assignments has never been easier thanks to the multitude of summer reading apps available in the app store. Complete work tasks from the passenger seat or while sitting by the pool. With the iPad tablet, you don’t have to stay indoors strapped to your desk all summer; be productive on the go!

Here at Experimac, we are equipped and ready to help you make this summer one to remember! Buying certified pre-owned devices has never been easier. When you purchase any device, laptop or computer from Experimac, you can rest assured that our certified pre-owned products have been thoroughly checked and are ready to go in your hands. Purchasing from Experimac also means you are able to see the device you are investing in and hold it in your hands before purchasing making the transaction safe and stress-free. Stop by and visit your local Experimac store today to find out more about the products we have in stock to help make your summer a memorable one.

Traveling? Tips for Using Your Smartphone Abroad

Traveling? Tips for Using Your Smartphone Abroad

With the summer travel season about to kick in to hear gear, many people will be heading overseas for business and pleasure. Travel abroad has come a long way over the years and the advanced technology found in today’s smartphones makes it easy to keep in touch with colleagues, family, and friends while overseas as well as take some amazing photos. We have gathered some tips for using your smartphone abroad as you travel the world.

Your carrier’s overseas plan, get a budget phone, foreign SIM card . . . what to do?

When traveling abroad, you will want to do some research in advance to determine what your best bet is to keep costs under control and have a realistic expectation of the service you will be able to access. You will want to familiarize yourself with the carriers available in the country you will be visiting and the frequency bands the carriers use to make sure the phone you plan to use during your trip is compatible. There are a few options to consider.

  • Contact your current carrier and ask about their overseas options. This will obviously vary by carrier, by plan, and by country/region. Explain what kind of access you will need to have during your trip and how much time you will be there. Depending on your carrier, you may have the option to upgrade or add additional features for the duration of your trip.
  • Check your current phone for compatibility. When determining if your phone can be used overseas, you need to check the specific model number for your phone as most phones come in carrier-specific If you determine using your phone is not an option because it is not compatible, consider purchasing a budget phone that will work overseas. You can purchase this in advance of your trip or do a little research and purchase in the country you will be visiting. You may even be able to do this at the airport upon your arrival.
  • Purchase a foreign SIM card. Whether you decide to use your existing phone or purchase a budget phone for use during your trip, you should keep in mind the option to insert a foreign SIM card into the phone. This can also likely be purchased right in the airport.
  • Turn off data. Use Wi-Fi only. The most budget-friendly option, yet possibly the most inconvenient, would be to turn off the data on your phone and only use it while connected to Wi-Fi. Depending on where you are going and how frequently you will need to be “connected,” this may or may not work for you.

Back up the data on your phone, laptop, etc. BEFORE your trip. Whether you decide to do this using an external drive or a cloud-based service is personal preference but this is a good idea before heading overseas. Should you lose your phone, laptop or any other device you will be taking with you, it would be devastating to lose photos, text messages, etc. that are only saved on this device. As a result, this should definitely be on your to-do list before flying out.

 Verify the availability of Wi-Fi at your destination. Before heading out, check to make sure your hotel or resort will have Wi-Fi available and what the cost is, if any. This will not likely be a concern is major cities but some more remote areas may have fewer options.

Pack your chargers, power adapters, and headphones. This may seem obvious but a lot of people find themselves purchasing a set of headphones or even a charger at an airport when they have perfectly good options at home because they simply forgot to toss them in their bag. Headphones can be a lifesaver during long trips. We recommend a quick Internet search will help you determine if you will need power adapters at your destination and if so, what kind. Purchase these before you leave to find the best price.

Did you consider travel insurance? There are many options and some Internet research will help you find the best option for your trip depending on the duration of your trip, destination, and number of people in your group. Should you become ill or the victim of theft overseas, travel insurance can protect you. Do your research and make an informed decision.

Snapping the perfect photos? Back them up! There is no doubt you will find yourself taking photos of unique sites, great looking food and other special moments with your phone. Back up these once-in-a-lifetime photos and videos forever by setting up your phone to do this every time you snap a photo. The cloud-based options are endless (and probably the best choice) so ask some friends what they have found works best and do a little research to figure out what will work best for you.

If your travel plans this summer have you heading abroad, consider yourself lucky and get ready in advance to make the most of your trip. Should you need any assistance with setting up your iPhone® device or MacBook® laptop for use overseas, pay a quick visit to our techs at your local Experimac store.

Planning a Vacation? Ditch the DSLR and Upgrade your iPhone® Device Instead with These

iPhone accessories for taking the very best vacation photos on your iPhone

Taking the trip of a lifetime this summer? Will you be visiting the exotic beaches of Tahiti, indulging in the Italian meals only your dreams could imagine, or will you be going on safari in Africa? No matter where you’re going this summer, you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to earn this vacation and planning this dream trip may have taken months. Make sure you come home with the photos to prove how amazing your trip truly was – this doesn’t mean carrying around a huge DSLR camera. Your iPhone device and a few well-chosen accessories are all you need.

Some research has helped us narrow down the essential accessories for taking the very best vacation photos on your iPhone device.

  • DJI Osmo 2 stabilizer offers unbelievable stabilization for hand-held shots (no more blurry photos), a joystick for tilting and panning like a pro and controls for zooming and capturing photos. The price has come down significantly from the original DJI Osmo.
  • Joby Gorillapod is lightweight and allows you to attach your phone to railings and other unique items in your surroundings for memorable shots that are steady.
  • Add-on lenses provide choices including macro and wide-angle options not otherwise available when using an iPhone device. Aukey has a phone lens kit that allows you to clip the lenses on to your phone easily. The Moment New Telephoto lens, a popular choice, requires a phone case that allows you to use the Moment mount.
  • Yoozon selfie stick doubles as a tripod and has a remote. Affordable and versatile, you would be surprised to see some of the amazing photos taken using selfie sticks. Though not seen as very professional, selfie sticks allow you to see high above crowds and other landmarks.
  • Xuma mobile LED light brings a few mounting options for added versatility. This is a great option in low-light situations, especially when shooting a video.
  • USB battery packs have become a pretty common sight today. A battery pack will not improve the quality of your photos but it will allow you to continue taking photos when your phone is dead. Packing one or two of these is definitely a good idea.

Need help deciding which accessories to purchase for taking the best possible vacation photos? Or, do you need help setting up your phone so that it automatically saves a backup of your photos on the Cloud® service? Don’t lug that huge DSLR around on your next trip when there are so many ways to maximize getting really nice shots. Either way, pop in your local Experimac store today and talk to one of our dedicated experts.

iPhone Disabled? Here’s What You Need to Know

iPhone Disabled? Here's What You Need to Know

Has this message ever appeared on the screen of your iPhone® device? “iPhone is disabled. Try again in X minutes”

If so, you know how frustrating this can be and you’ve probably asked yourself, “But, why?” or better yet, “Now what?”.

Disabled iPhone Device Error Messages

Depending on the exact wording of the message, you may or may not have something to worry about.

Best case scenario, you get this: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute.

Not as great, you may get this or a different wait time: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 15 minutes. Or some other amount of time up to 60 minutes.

Worst case scenario, you get this: iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes.

As you see, these error messages can vary and although slightly inconvenient, the first message is not really a big deal. However, if you get the last message, the only method for unlocking your iPhone device at that point will be to connect it to the iTunes® service. Sounds simple enough but you need to be careful when you get to this point. Always try clicking on “Update” first. If that fails, you will have no other option but to click on “Restore” which will cause all of the data on the phone to be wiped. This is part of the recovery process and there’s really no way around it.

What causes these error messages?

These error messages usually mean you have used the wrong passcode too many times and your iPhone device is locking itself down to protect itself from what it perceives as a possible hacking attempt. One of the reasons to love your iPhone device is the built-in security measures but these can also work against you if you are not careful. Many people have had this happen after an eager toddler has played with their phone or even while their phone is sitting at the bottom of a purse.

You’re allowed up to 5 incorrect attempts but on attempt number 6, you will start to see the dreaded “iPhone is disabled” messages. Ten incorrect attempts at your passcode will lead to the gut-wrenching “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes.” message on your screen. Your phone, although very smart, will assume the worst and lockdown your phone to protect you and your personal information.

There is good news though – if you have a little patience and wait out the delay times calmly, your iPhone device will begin to work as it should again once you enter the correct passcode. These wait times are automatically activated and can’t be turned off. We recommend being more mindful of entering the correct passcode to avoid these annoying delays or using the TouchID® feature if your phone supports it.

What’s the lesson here? A few things.

  1. Give your passcode to someone you trust or write it down somewhere safe where you can access it in case you forget your passcode.
  2. Do not ignore these messages, especially those that include a wait time because they can escalate and lead to receiving the worst-case scenario message and consequently, your phone getting wiped.
  3. Back up your iPhone device. Always.

Do you need any help with setting up the TouchID feature or using your iPhone device? Experimac’s experienced techs are able to help you. No appointment necessary. Stop by your local Experimac location today!

Earn Cash for Your Used Apple® Devices – Here’s How

How to earn cash for your used apple devices

Did you recently upgrade to a newer model Apple device? Are you thinking it’s time for an upgrade? If so, you may be wondering what to do with your current iPhone® device or MacBook® laptop. Like many people, you can let it collect dust in a closet, but the techs at Experimac understand the value of your used devices and will give you money on the spot for those devices. It’s really that easy.

Experimac will show you the money

Although the experienced techs at Experimac are ready to assist you with any of your Apple device repair and upgrade needs, they can offer you so much more. At Experimac, you are welcome to bring in your used Apple devices to sell them to us. We will eagerly look at any of your devices –  phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. It’s so easy . . . our techs will inspect and evaluate your device and make you an offer. If you agree, you walk out with money in your hand. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so don’t think your device is worthless without giving us a chance to look at it. Some businesses will offer you store credit for your used Apple devices. Experimac offers you money on the spot.

Would you rather trade in your device?

If you prefer, you also have the option to trade in your used Apple device and put the value of your current iPhone device or MacBook laptop toward the purchase of a certified pre-owned device in our inventory. If you know what you’re looking for, we can help you make the trade happen all in one stop, no appointment necessary.

When the time comes to upgrade your iPhone device, MacBook laptop or even your iMac® computer, look no further than your local Experimac store for money on the spot or an easy trade to a newer or better model. We are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry; stop by and experience the Experimac difference.

How to Choose a Laptop Repair Company

How to Choose a Laptop Repair Company

Have you ever had issues with your laptop? Does it freeze when you try to load certain applications? We’ve all been there at one point in time and nothing is more frustrating than thinking about your quickly approaching deadline when your laptop has decided to stop working properly. Finding a reliable laptop repair company you can trust with your valuable piece of tech and all your saved documents can be stressful and frustrating if you don’t know what to look for.

We have gathered some characteristics to look for in a laptop repair company, consider these:

  1. Customer Service

Determining the quality of customer service you are likely to receive from a company you are considering should be pretty easy. Before taking your laptop anywhere, walk into the location and observe what’s going on around you. Were you acknowledged when you entered? Were others? Are the techs thoroughly explaining issues to other customers in the store? Are the customers able to understand the explanations or do they seem more confused by the terminology? Do they have a long wait and if so, how is that handled? Does the store seem like it’s being run in an efficient and organized manner?

  1. Warranty

    Reputable laptop repair companies will offer a warranty on their repairs. If they provide quality service, there is no reason why they wouldn’t. Offering their customers a guarantee shows they stand by their work and should give you the confidence to trust them with your laptop repair because if something were to need a second look, they will not give you a hard time.

  2. Reasonable Cost

    The truth is, everyone has a budget and you have to consider the cost of the repair and whether or not it is affordable for you. Either in person or on the phone, ask about how they charge – by the hour or by repair? Is there a price list? Are there any hidden service fees?

  3. Reviews from Other Customers

    When you have a positive experience at a restaurant, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to family and friends. The same should hold true for laptop repair companies. Ask around and see if anyone you know has a solid recommendation for someone they have had experience with. Online reviews can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through but can also be very informative.

  4. Wait Time

    When your laptop needs repairs, it’s usually not something you can wait around for days or weeks to be resolved. Consider asking what the lead time is on the repairs you need and then determine if that’s acceptable for you.

  5. Experienced Techs

    Don’t assume the repair techs have experience with your particular device, ask. It is reasonable to ask how many years of experience the tech who will be working on your laptop has and whether they are familiar with your device and/or issue, in particular.

When looking for a reputable laptop repair company, look no further than your local Experimac store. Whether you need a screen replacement or assistance with data recovery, your priority is ours. Your go-to source for Apple® device repairs, upgrades, and more, the highly-trained techs at Experimac will provide the best customer service in the industry. No appointments are necessary; we welcome walk-ins, offer same day service and guarantee our work. We will gladly help you get your laptop working like new again.

Experimac® Helps Customers be Green on Earth Day and All Year Round

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – April 13, 2018 – Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, but Experimac celebrates being green all year round with a specialization in recycling Apple® products. Since 1998, the company has been encouraging a greener perspective with their certified pre-owned Apple devices. Rather than tossing out a used computer, phone or tablet, Experimac brings new life to these electronics and offers them for purchase to customers, who may re-use them.

“The core of our business, since our inception, has been providing high quality pre-owned Apple products,” said Jim Muir, president of Experimac. “We understand the environmental impact of improperly discarding electronics that may sit in landfills for years. Our company is focused on stopping that cycle and offering customers the opportunity to be more eco-conscious, while enjoying top-notch products.”

Experimac specializes in Apple products, which are all thoroughly cleaned, inspected and brought up to the brand’s high standards, before they are available for resale. In addition to offering certified pre-owned devices for sale, Experimac buys and trades used Apple products. Customers may bring in their used Apple devices and sell them for cash or trade them in for a newer version. Either way, customers are contributing to the recycling efforts.

For customers who want to extend the life of their devices, but need some help with repairs or upgrades, the team at Experimac also provides these services.

“We help not only by fixing cracked phone screens, increasing computer speeds and providing solutions at a great price point, but also encouraging customers to keep the Apple products that they have for longer, thereby keeping these items out of landfills,” added Muir. “These are just some of the ways for users to be part of the green movement without too much effort.”

Experimac products are refurbished to a like-new condition and are fully operational. Products and services include a 90-day guarantee.

For more information about Experimac, visit online at

About Experimac

Experimac is a unique franchising concept that specializes in the sale of certified pre-owned Apple products. Your Local Experimac can also repair, upgrade or buy your current device, and no appointment is ever necessary. The brand offers a 1-year guarantee, which takes the risk out of buying pre-owned. Experimac was founded by Jim Muir in 2009, and began franchising as one of United Franchise Group’s affiliated companies and brands in 2014. Today, there are more than 100 locations across the globe; Experimac stores can be found in Australia, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, France, Canada, Uruguay and Ireland. The brand has seen tremendous growth with no sign of slowing down. For more information, visit