The Anatomy of the Trade: Determining the Value of Your Used Apple® Devices

The Anatomy of the Trade - Determining the Value of Your Used Apple Devices

Trading in a used Apple device at Experimac is a great idea! If you’re asking yourself how to go about this or how it might benefit you, look no further.

As an Apple device owner, you know these devices tend to hold onto their value, they are sturdy and usually last years. At Experimac, the money you get from trading it in can go straight to the purchase of a newer model.

The trouble is . . . how do you determine the value of your used Apple devices? We’ll walk you through the process.


Determining the specific model of your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, MacBook® laptop, or Mac® computer is the first step to determining your device’s worth. Varied models come with varied specs, and knowing the specific model of your device, tablet, laptop or computer determines most of the trade-in worth.


The condition of your iPhone device, iPad tablet, MacBook laptop or Mac computer is another contributing factor to the value of your trade-in. For example, take a look at the phone’s screen, buttons, and other external components. What condition are they in? The internal health of a device is often overlooked when owners attempt to determine the worth of their trade-in. Did you follow up with necessary updates and how is the battery life, in the case of a phone, tablet or laptop?


Another major contributing factor to your trade-in’s value is the demand for that device, tablet, laptop or computer. Your device could be in great condition and offer awesome specs but if there is not much of a market for your device, you may not get offered much. Fortunately, Apple devices tend to remain in demand for a while, meaning trading in a used Apple device is usually worth the time and trouble.

Not sure whether to trade-in your Apple device? Stop by your local Experimac to find out what your used Apple device is worth. You might be able to upgrade it today!

Black History Month: Let’s Celebrate and Educate with our Favorite Apps

Black History Month - Let's Celebrate and Educate with our Favorite Apps

February is Black History Month! This annual celebration of the role of Black Americans in US history is a time to reflect upon the achievements of Black Americans of the past, and a look at how tolerance and equality should improve for the future.

We have selected some apps centered around the theme of Black History Month that are designed to help celebrate and educate.

  • NMAAHC Mobile Stories
    This app, provided by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, offers information from 12 exhibitions depicting how American values such as spirituality, resiliency, and optimism are reflected in African American history and culture. Set up as a virtual museum, app users can watch videos, look through images or read articles and truly explore the stories and historical events essential to black history.
  • More Than a Mapp
    Inspired by the PBS documentary More Than a Month, this app was designed to help users discover and preserve Black History. The app allows users to see locations nearby that offer historical significance to black history. Find local landmarks, monuments or other significant locations. You can also select any point on a map and add your own black history point, which is then considered and assessed by the app’s experts.
  • 2016 Black History Month “BHM” Trivia Game
    Put your knowledge of Black Heroes and facts to the test with this trivia game! This app is simple and straightforward and is a great way of getting younger family members to participate in Black History Month awareness.
  • Black History Tribute
    This app was created in the hope of educating users about famous African Americans, who they are and what they did to improve science and the arts and other venues. Once in the app, you’ll see famous black artists, scientists, writers, politicians, and more, as well as their stories.

At Experimac, we hope you will take the time to review your knowledge of Black History in America and celebrate the many contributions made by countless Black Americans to our society. Have you learned something new today? These apps will give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you’re having difficulty viewing these apps on your Apple® devices, stop by your local Experimac store and we’d be happy to have a look at your device and help you get everything working again.

Top 10 Apps for Making Finding Love Fun

Do you have a Valentine this year? Are you making plans with friends for a night out instead of a romantic date night because you just had your heart broken?
Finding love in today’s fast-paced world can sometimes be difficult. Meeting new people should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. Here are the top 10 apps that make finding love fun for those who keep looking for love in all the wrong places.

  1. Tinder – This app offers users one of the simplest interfaces in the dating world. Simply swipe left if you are not interested in the match and swipe right if you are interested. If there is a mutual interest, you will be notified and can then begin communicating with your matches.
  2. OkCupid – Every one of us has unique interests that make us who we are. This app provides users with the ability to tell potential suitors who you are through things you are passionate about. Best of all, this service is free to browse matches!
  3. Plenty of Fish – Looking to start up a conversation with like-minded singles? Plenty of Fish may be just what you’re looking for.
  4. Zoosk – This is one of the original dating apps so if staying power is in your search criteria, this should be at the top of your list. Also, with Facebook integration, this is one of the easiest apps to get started with.
  5. Match – Know exactly what you’re looking for? In addition to providing daily matches based on a personality quiz, Match allows you to browse profiles based on search criteria such as shared interests.
  6. Happn – Ever wonder if you passed Mr. or Ms. Right during your daily grind? Happn has developed a proximity-based dating app meant to provide users with matches based on who they have crossed paths with on a given day.
  7. Bumble – Fellas, do you find it difficult to start up conversations with women? Ladies, are you tired of being bombarded with DMs all day? Bumble has developed a dating service where the ladies make the first move.
  8. Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App – Tired of swiping through hundreds of potential matches per day? This app offers users a more intimate experience by showing only 1 match per day.
  9. Tastebuds – This iOS® operating system only app measures compatibility through taste in music. If music is a big part of your life and you want to find someone with similar taste in music, Tastebuds is the app for you.
  10. eHarmony – This one’s not for casual dating. This app offers one of the most extensive personality tests available in online dating. The result is a dating app that focuses on long-term

Are you done with the dating app you’re currently using? Try out one of the others. Don’t give up. If your phone is acting up or your battery is just not lasting, you need to get that taken care of. Don’t let these technical difficulties get in the way of your dating life. If you find Mr. or Ms. Right, you want to be able to get those dating matches (DMs) and other notifications without interruption – find your local Experimac store here.

Top 10 Apps to Help You Tap into the Game

Alright football fans, Game Day (February 4, 2018) is fast approaching! By now, we hope you know who you’re rooting for.

But, are you prepared for Game Day otherwise? If not, no need to worry, here are the top 10 apps to help you tap into the game and all the pre-game hype:

  1. Super Bowl LII (52) Minneapolis Fan Mobile Pass – This is the ultimate companion app for those attending the big game. It provides users with information on all the events in the City of Minneapolis leading up to the game.
  2. Clippit – Sharing highlights from the game just became a snap! Clippit offers the user the ability to record up to 30 seconds of live game footage and share with family and friends in a matter of seconds.
  3. Ibotta – Snacks during a game party are a necessity. This app offers special promotions on groceries for the big game. It also offers a rewards system that allows you to earn points for even more discounts.
  4. TheScore – There is too much at stake to risk missing a crucial game-changing play while on a bathroom break. Keep up with all the key plays in real time with TheScore.
  5. Fox Sports Go – It is always good to have a backup in case the cable goes out during the game. Fox Sports Go will be streaming the game live this year and having the app handy may prove to be a lifesaver.
  6. NFL Emojis – Let’s face it, Emojis are becoming more popular than letters. Trash talk in style this year with some NFL Emojis!
  7. Super Bowl Quiz – Instant entertainment for a whole party! Pre-game fun or if there is a lull in the action, you’ll be glad you downloaded this app.
  8. Madden NFL Football – Did your team not make it to the big game? Not to worry, this app lets you play out your own season and get your team the championship they deserve!
  9. Bleacher Report – This is a great tool to have leading up to and on Game Day. It offers up to the minute news on all your favorite players and teams leading into Super Sunday!
  10. Pinterest – Making sure your Game Day spread is worthy of the action on the field is very important. Check out Pinterest for some great recipe ideas and party prep checklists for Super Sunday.

Few things are more American than football and Super Sunday! Get your inner circle up to speed and ready for Game Day with these apps. Having trouble installing or using these apps on your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet? Does your device have a cracked screen? Don’t wait, head over to your local Experimac shop today and get your tech gear ready for Game Day.

Get Your Team on Track in 2018: Business Collaboration Tools for iOS® Operating Systems

The new year always ushers in new business trends. One of the most up and coming trends right now is how to integrate new ways to improve team collaboration. From strategies to software, this trend continues to grow as does every business’s desire to boost productivity. Luckily, the iOS operating system makes integrating collaboration tools easy as there are several compatible apps and programs designed to run on the iOS operating system. Not only does this save your business time, energy and money, it will ultimately make everyone happier and more successful in 2018.

Below are some ideas for tools you and your team may find helpful in 2018 and beyond:

  • Communication
    1. GoToMeeting: Easily host webinars and conferences with this application, taking away the need for team members to leave the office for meetings. Schedule meetings in the application’s calendar or make and share presentation annotations.
    2. While video communication is the main purpose of this tool, this tool also makes it easy to share presentations, images, or photos, or comment on documents and spreadsheets.
    3. BlueJeans: Instant messaging, dual streaming and meeting recording is easy to achieve with this application.
  • Project Organization
    1. Basecamp: This user-friendly application is a great way to organize tasks and share feedback. Easily share deadlines, delegate projects and share a variety of files with this project organization tool.
    2. HiveDesk: Easily monitor productivity of remote workers and manage projects. This tool is great for tracking the performance of contractors or freelancers.
  • Time Management
    1. TimeCamp: Track holidays, time off, monitor time-wasting websites and establish goals with this app. You can see first-hand how employees spend their time, helping you maintain efficiency as well as properly determine deadlines and how much to take on.
    2. FreshBooks: As a cloud-based small business accounting software, it facilitates the sending of invoices, tracking time, managing receipts, tracking and managing expenses, and more. Time tracking is probably one of the most unique features – see how much time it’s taking you or your employees to do something and send more accurate invoices. Be the most productive you can be by saving time and money!

Keeping your team on track has never been easier. Try these tools to improve collaboration amongst your team members; it may take some time to implement something new but in the end, we are confident you will feel it was worth the time spent.

Does your team need updated hardware to use these tools? Experimac can work with you to upgrade or replace your laptops or desktops with certified preowned Apple® products. We have experience partnering with businesses across the country. Experience the Experimac Difference, call Experimac today!

Upgrade or Replace your Mac® Computer? How do you know which?

Upgrade or replace? Is it time for a new Mac computer or time to make your old Mac computer work like new? This can be a difficult distinction to make for Mac computer users given the outstanding lifespan of these machines.

Food for Thought – Upgrade or Replace?

Upgrading your Mac computer is often times the least expensive way to get that wonderful new computer feeling. If you are experiencing a shortage of disk space or if your computer is taking a long time to boot up and complete simple tasks, you may want to consider simply upgrading your hard drive to a Solid-State Drive (SSD). You can also consider purchasing an external hard drive to keep all your media files on – i.e., movies, photos, music, and games. Lastly, if you find your Mac computer’s performance has become sluggish, it may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade the random-access memory (RAM).

Although upgrades can take care of some problems, there are some issues that just cannot be remedied by hardware upgrades. Sometimes a replacement is the necessary upgrade to a time-ravaged Mac computer. Depending on how old your Mac computer is, you may find yourself unable to upgrade to the latest macOS® software. Should you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to consider a replacement. Software issues can be a huge detriment to your productivity. If you find that your computer is constantly freezing and experiencing performance issues, it may be a sign that the hardware on your current Mac computer just isn’t cutting it anymore and maybe it’s time to replace it.

If you still have questions about whether an upgrade or a full replacement are best for you and your needs (as well as your budget), we encourage you to bring your Mac computer to your local Experimac store. We can run a full diagnostic check and help you determine the best plan of action for your computer.

Experience the Experimac difference. Call or stop by today!

New Year, New You? Grab a Friend and Crush your Goals

With the start of every new year, most people find themselves reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new year – goals set, accomplishments, adventures, risks taken, failures, travel plans, relationships, personal health and fitness, etc.

Starting a fitness journey can seem like a daunting task at the onset. However, having a strong support system can sometimes make all the difference. Did you know that your Apple Watch® device has developed a feature that allows users to interact with friends and family while working out throughout the day? Reaching your new year’s goals has never been easier!

Take a look at how you can share your Apple® watch activity progress with friends and family.

  • The first step to sharing your activity progress is by adding friends to share your activity progress with. You can add up to 25 friends to join you on your fitness journey. This includes family members, friends, and even co-workers who are on a similar journey to good health.
  • Once they accept your invite, they can view your progress and more importantly, you can view their progress. This brings a little bit of friendly competition and can serve as a great motivational tool to keep you on point past the first few weeks into the new year. Activity data you can share includes calories burned, minutes exercised, hours stood, steps taken and even distance traveled.
  • Best part? You can also message your friends from the Apple Watch interface. See your friends struggling to close their rings or notice that your dad has skipped the gym for a few days? Send them a message to motivate them!

Want to know more about how to get the most out of your Apple Watch device in 2018? Call us or stop by your local Experimac location today to speak to one of our specialists.

In Case You Missed It: The Coolest Apple® Product Releases and the Weirdest Bugs of 2017

2017 was an exciting year for Apple product fans that featured some great software improvements along with some impressive hardware upgrades. There were, however, a few bumps along the road with some weird bugs here and there, but overall, we received some amazing new features and upgrades on some of our favorite products from Apple, Inc.

Take a look back on 2017 . . . the best of Apple Inc.’s releases for the year . . .

  • The iPhone X® device was definitely the upgrade Apple fans have been waiting for. From the addition of augmented reality through its powerful camera, to the implementation of facial recognition technology to unlock your phone, the iPhone X device delivers an impressive entry to the iPhone® device
  • Apple Watch Series 3® device introduced a GPS feature to the Apple Watch® device line allowing users to access navigation without having their iPhone device on them. They also released an LTE version which adds cellular connectivity to your Apple Watch
  • The iMac Pro® computer is a powerhouse, all-in-one computer that brings the power of virtual reality to the iMac® computer product

. . . As well as the weirdest bugs of the year . . .

  • The “A ?” bug was likely one of the more frustrating bugs of 2017.  While typing on their iPhone devices, users experienced an issue where “I” auto corrected into “A ?”. A patch was later released and this issue has thankfully been resolved but while it lasted, it managed to drive everyone nuts.
  • The macOS® High Sierra launched with a bug that allowed any user to create an administrative account on a Mac computer without a password. This issue posed a serious security threat; however, everyone was grateful that it was patched within 24 hours of its release.

With every new, exciting development, there sometimes comes a bug, something that’s just not working as it should. Thankfully, Apple product fans know that Apple is always looking to make things better. Should you still be struggling with one of these bugs or if you’re interested in certified pre-owned products, end the year on a high note and stop by you local Experimac store today.

Getting the Most out of Using the Microsoft Edge Browser on Your iPhone® Device

Microsoft Edge is an Internet browser alternative to Safari which can be downloaded from the App Store. It provides an exciting suite of features that make for an excellent browsing experience on a mobile device.

Below are some tips for using the Microsoft Edge browser on your iPhone device:

  1. Surf your way! Microsoft Edge offers users several bowser customization options. By going into the browser settings, you can choose whether you want to browse in standard light mode or dark mode. By turning on dark mode, it changes the user interface to black. You can also choose your default search engine. Bing is an amazing search engine, but it’s nice to know that users have the ability to choose Yahoo or Google as alternatives if they prefer one of those.
  2. When browsing the Internet, you may come across some information that you may want to view on a larger screen. While using Microsoft Edge, you can link multiple devices through your Microsoft account and seamlessly transfer webpages to other devices making
  3. For users that want to stay current with the latest news, Microsoft Edge offers a dedicated news feed on the home page. Stories update automatically so all you need to do is scroll through for the most recent headlines.
  4. The Microsoft Edge browser also offers voice search and a barcode scanner for times when a standard keyboard input is not optimal.
  5. Shopping for that perfect gift can sometimes be a difficult secret to keep from our loved ones. Not to worry, Microsoft Edge offers an InPrivate browsing option to help keep certain tidbits of information top secret.

If you haven’t given Microsoft Edge a try on your iPhone device, we think you’ll like what you find so give it a try today. Should you run into any issues with it on your iPhone device, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Experimac store. Our techs are ready to help!

How much Faster will Upgrading your Hard Drive to an SSD make your Mac® Computer?

Are you frustrated with your Mac computer because of a slow hard drive? Has it frozen on you multiple times? It always seems to happen when you’re in a rush or trying to meet a deadline.

Consider updating your Mac computer with a Solid State Drive (SSD). This easy upgrade offers users a much faster computing experience as SSDs are more energy efficient, more reliable and even quieter than other hard drives.

Upgrading your Mac computer’s hard drive to an SSD can make one of the most drastic differences to your Mac computer’s performance.

But how much difference, really?

Take a look at how much of a difference upgrading to an SSD can make in even the slowest Mac computer:

Upgrading your hard drive to an SSD can greatly improve the speed of your computer’s hard drive in many ways, particularly when completing everyday tasks. Perhaps the most drastic change users notice is the improved time it takes the computer to reach the login screen. Booting the system can be up to 61% faster when using an SSD as compared to using the older standard hard drives.

Reaching your favorites on Safari will also be faster by upgrading to an SSD. How much faster? Up to 51% faster! Even surfing the web can be up to 8% faster by upgrading your current hard drive to an SSD. Bring new life to your Mac computer by investing in an SSD upgrade!

Not sure if upgrading your hard drive to an SSD is right for you? Stop by your local Experimac store today to find out more. Our experienced techs are available to answer all of your hard drive and SSD related questions today.