Migrating Your Data to a New Mac® Computer or Laptop: What You Need to Know

If you’re a Mac computer user and just bought a new MacBook Pro® laptop or another model, you may be wondering how to get all of your data from your old computer to the new one. It seems complicated, and the risk exists that you may lose files by overlooking instructions. Still, it is an essential task to copy all documents, apps, user accounts, and settings over to your new computer or laptop so that you ensure you’ll have full access to your work.

How to Migrate Your Data
Dealing with data migration on your own can be difficult, and this is why companies like Experimac of Sandy Springs have a team of experts on-hand to fulfill your data migration needs. Supplied with the newest hardware on the market, Experimac technicians provide same-day service, migrating data to your new computer so you don’t have to.

Read on if you are a do-it-yourself tech whiz, or a tech whiz in training. You can follow these steps for migrating data, if you’re ready to take the plunge on your own:

  1. Full device inspection – analyze the laptop or computer’s software, settings and power.
  2. Name your device – go into settings and name your computer, using something effective and personalized so you can recognize the device as your own.
  3. Install updates – be sure to check your app store and download any pending app updates, including third-party software updates, too!
  4. Connect devices – do this either by using the Time Machine® backup feature, a normal Ethernet cable or link the computers to the same Ethernet or Wi-Fi Network.
  5. Apple Migration Assistant® feature – use this feature to complete the transfer of your files from the old device to the current computer.
  6. Log in to your new account – check to verify your files have transferred successfully.

Although the Apple Migration Assistant feature was designed to walk Mac owners through migrating their data themselves, consumers who prefer assistance with this should contact Experimac of Sandy Springs to assist with affordable data migration. A thorough, in-store assessment can be done before migrating your data so that we can devise a plan to have your new computer or laptop up and running with full access to your old files in no time.

iTunes Match® service, Apple Music® service, iCloud Music Library® service and Your iPhone® device: Sandy Springs Your Local Apple Experts

One of the best features that Apple® products offer is the ability to sync music, images, documents, notes, and other items across multiple devices.

When it comes to syncing across multiple devices, nothing seems to be more popular than music. Over the years, many people have purchased hundreds of digital music files that they listen to at home, in their car, or while they work out. Apple Inc. allows us to play our music on our computers, phones, iPad® devices, and Apple TV® devices.

Because of this, we only have to purchase a digital music file once and then we can enjoy it across multiple devices, whenever we want. This sounds like what we have all wanted for years! Unfortunately, setting this up is not always intuitive and that can make some individuals feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Our trained technicians at Experimac of Sandy Springs take the time to learn all of Apple Inc.’s new software launches both from a backend perspective as well as from a user’s perspective. We want to make sure that our customers are using tools that are beneficial to their needs and set up in a way that they can maintain and update in the future.

Not all tools are right for everyone. For example, if you don’t want to own physical files on your computer but want to stream music on demand, Apple Music service fits your needs. If you have a lot of CDs that you want to listen to on your iPhone device, then iTunes Match service is the best fit.

Here are some great tools that Apple Inc. offers to make listening to music across multiple devices easy, seamless, and fun for everyone:

  • iTunes Match service – For $24.99/year you can import your old CDs along with the new and previously downloaded files into one location. iTunes Match service allows you to store your music files in the iCloud service. No matter where you purchased a file from, iTunes Match service can store that file in your library, allowing you to listen wherever you are.
  • Apple Music – Free for 3 months and then $9.99/month. For a family plan, it will cost you $15/month. Apple Music service combines everything that users love about Spotify with the features previously loved with iTunes® service. Store all of your purchased files alongside streamable music that you can listen to without having to purchase it. There are benefits to the Apple Music service over Spotify or other streaming services. For example, there are several artists whose music is licensed only to play on the Apple Music service. Plus, no additional download will be needed since the Apple Music service is already alive and well in your iPhone device.

Still not sure what is right for you? We get it! Apple Inc. aims to make our lives easier and more productive but sometimes it can be difficult to know what works best for our individual needs. Contact Experimac of Sandy Springs to learn more about the music services available to you and to see which one is right for your unique needs.

Pre-Owned Mac® Products: Choosing Pre-Owned Apple® Products, What You Need To Know

Choosing Pre-Owned Mac Products, What You Need To Know

Ask any long-term user of Mac products what they love most about their computer and more than likely they will say – reliability. Mac products are not sold in the volume of other computers; they’re more expensive and are sometimes intimidating to PC users. Additionally, gaining access to test out the usability of Mac products can be very limited in some areas specifically here in Sandy Springs.

Buyers who are on a tight budget often find even the most affordable Mac computers unobtainable which can lead them to consider purchasing a pre-owned model. Of course purchasing anything pre-owned comes with risks.

Here are some tips for purchasing a pre-owned Mac product:

What is a pre-owned Mac product?
Pre-owned Mac products can include gently used Mac computers, Macbook® laptops, and iPad® tablets that were traded in for an upgrade or bought out-right for rebuild. Pre-owned Mac products are inspected, repaired, and tested prior to being sold at a lower cost. At Experimac in Sandy Springs, we are proud to offer our customers a 90-day repair or replace guarantee on every product you purchase.

Why purchase pre-owned Mac product?
Mac products are known for their sleek design, reliability, and cutting edge technology – not to mention their easy usability. Unfortunately, brand new Mac computers can cost a hefty penny. Pre-owned machines also offer the high reliability and ease of use like brand new Mac computers but at a much lower price point. Buyers can feel confident that their investment is in a high quality machine that functions just as it would if it came from the Apple store.

How much savings can you expect?
Pricing for each pre-owned product is unique and based on the age and computing capability of that product. While there are no exact savings that we can guarantee for each of our pre-owned Mac products, our pre-owned prices tend to run 40% to 60% of a comparable new product.

What about warranties?
Experimac of Sandy Springs is proud to offer a 90-day repair or replace on every pre-owned Mac product that we sell. We also offer our customers a full 7 days to familiarize themselves with their new product ensuring that they can feel confident that they have purchased a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Owning a high quality machine doesn’t have to break the bank. Experimac Sandy Springs has a large inventory of pre-owned Mac products such as iMac® computers, MacBook Pro® laptops, and more that can fit your needs and budget. If you or your family is in need of a computer, consider stopping by your local Experimac store to try out a pre-owned Mac product. Our trained staff can answer any questions you might have about taking the plunge.

Experimac 2016 Trainings!


Thu, Jan 28, 12PM – Mac OSX Basics
Thu, Mar 17, 12PM- Mng Music and Photos
Thu, May 19, 12PM- iOS Basics
Thu, Jul 12, 12PM- Get toKnow Pages…
Thu, Sept 15, 12PM- Mac OS X Basics
Thu, Nov 17, 12PM Get to Know Pages…
Sat, Feb 20, 9AM- iOS Basics
Sat, Apr 23, 9AM- Get To Know Pages…
Sat Jun 18, 9AM- Mac OS X Basics
Sat, Aug 20, 9AM- Mng Music and Photos
Sat, Oct 22, 9AM- iOS Basics
Sat, Dec 10, 9AM Mng Music and Photos


Mac OS X Basics:

  • Identify System Icons
  • Describe the default Apps included with OS X
  • Understand iCloud and Apple ID’s
  • Search for files with Spotlight
  • The SpartaMac Fantastic Five Apps every Mac user should own
  • Tips and Tricks for keeping your Mac running smoothly

iOS Basics:

  • Describe the difference between setting up and new iPhone or iPad and restoring from a back up
  • Identify System Icons
  • Understand iCloud and Apple ID’s
  • Describe each of the main default Apps that come with iOS
  • The SpartaMac Fantastic Five Apps every iPhone/ iPad Owner should have
  • Tips and Tricks for keeping your iPhone or iPad running smoothly

Managing Music and Photos:

  • Describe iCloud Photo Library and Apple Music services on both OS X and iOS operating systems
  • Understand syncing and cloud syncing and the associate Pros and Cons for each method.
  • Set up and configure iCloud Photo Library and Apple Music on both OS X and iOS
  • Manage music and photos using either local or cloud syncing

Get to know Pages, Keynote, and Numbers:
Come take a tour of Apple’s award winning productivity suite – Pages, Keynote, and Numbers – commonly referred to as iWork. In this class you’ll learn how simple it is to create beautiful and effective documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, share them easily with users of Microsoft Office, and keep all of those files seamlessly synced over iCloud.

  • Describe Apple’s productivity suite, iWork
  • Identify the three platforms from which you can access iWork
  • Describe how Apple has designed the user Interfaces for each iWork app to function similarly.
  • Launch all iWork apps from OS X, iOS, or

The iPad Pro and The Great Convergence

The Convergence of iOS

Over the past few years, we’ve all been participating in the convergence of iOS, (the operating system that runs your iPad and iPhone), and MacOS, (the operating system that runs your Mac). You’ve seen this first in apps like iTunes, the Apple iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), the iLife suite (GarageBand, iMovie), and most recently with Apple replacing iPhoto on your Mac with the Photos app- the same app you’ve been running on your iPhone and iPad since iOs 8 (Spet 2014) and your Mac since OS 10.10.3 released in April, 2015.

Similar Functionality on Both Platforms

These apps perform similar functionality on both platforms, and begin to blur the lines between MacOS and iOS, or in simplar terms, the Mac and the iPad/ iPhone.  Combine with these apps the added functionality of iCloud Drive, a storage solution that allows you to easily share files, movies, photos, etc between your devices, and it gets harder to decide which Apple product becomes your “go-to” device for the majority of your computing needs. The playing field of Apple devices competing for your attention has just become more exciting with the release of the iPad Pro- the next generation iPad released to overwhelmingly positive reviews by the media across the board.

A Device That is Both a Tablet and a Laptop

The iPad Pro features an A9X processor that outperforms the latest MacBooks (1.1 or 1.2 M-Processor), 4GB RAM, 32 or 128GB Flash storage and a 12.9” Retina display.  Prices begin at $799 and go up to $1079 for a model that includes cellular capabilities.  Optionally, you can add in a keyboard cover (about another $100) and a stylus (also another $100) and for about $1000 you have a device that is both a tablet and a laptop that is certain to delight many users and sure to be a hit.  Compared to a brand new MacBook ($1299)… It certainly is a consideration!

Replacement For a Notebook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has recently been quoted as saying, “The iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones.”  Does this mean that Apple thinks the age of laptops and desktops are behind us?  No, and that isn’t what Tim said or necessarily meant.  However…. Consider what many people do with their Macs:  Browse the web, email, word processing, light photo editing, light gaming, listen to music, watch YouTube videos.  All common activities- all easily accomplished on a tablet, especially when tied to a physical keyboard.

The point of all this is that the time is coming when it won’t matter what device we pick up- the functionality and interface will be the same whether it’s your laptop, desktop or tablet.

If you’re considering a new iPad Pro, come and see us at Experimac Sandy Springs to sell us your current i-Device. We love ‘em and we’ll make sure to find them their next good home!

Where to Go for an iPhone Repair in Sandy Springs

iPhone Repair in Sandy Springs

The time will come when you find yourself in need of iPhone repair in Sandy Springs. In fact, approximately 25 percent of iPhone users will drop their phone at some time and break the screen. For this reason, every iPhone owner needs to know where to turn when they need their phone fixed. Thankfully, consumers have options when it comes to obtaining needed repairs. They don’t have to head to the Apple store and pay the prices demanded there. What are these options, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

Insurance Option

Some individuals opt to purchase insurance through Apple and make use of their AppleCare policy to fix their screen. The cost of an Sandy Springs iPhone repair is much less when this is the case, yet the insurance tends to be costly at the time of purchase. There are two benefits of going this route. Individuals who have a tendency to be rough on their phones will find they save money over the long run, and taking the phone to an Apple store protects the warranty.

Repair Center

Others opt to find a local repair center that can assist them with the iPhone screen repair in Sandy Springs. This option does tend to be cheaper, but individuals need to be careful and ensure they choose a provider with the experience needed to replace the screen. Very little time is required to fix the phone, and the cost may be cheaper than the Apple store. This does depend on the type of device to be fixed, as screens on newer phones will cost more. Some companies also offer a mail-in service to have the screen replaced. However, using one of these services will void the warranty on the phone.

Do It Yourself

An individual may also attempt to replace the screen on the phone without assistance. Doing so is not an easy task, and a person may find they end up spending more to fix their mistake than they would have just to pay someone to fix the phone. It is an option to consider, however, for those who do know how to make repairs to mobile devices. Doing so voids the warranty on the phone, and this needs to be remembered.

People tend to upgrade their phone regularly, thus the warranty becomes less of an issue. iPhones seem to hold up well over time, and cracked screens are usually the most common issue. For this reason, if you crack an iPhone screen, you may wish to avoid the Apple store. If you break your phone every other week though, it’s best to head to the Apple store and preserve the warranty. Only you can decide which option is right for your needs.

Atlanta iPhone Repair Options

iPhone Repair in Atlanta

iPhones are great devices to have, but they tend to break. A person may accidentally drop the phone and find the screen has shattered, or they may let it fall into water only to find it is ruined. The first issue is fairly easy to fix, but the second one may require the purchase of a new phone. The problem is the average user can’t fix an iPhone, as it contains a capacitive touch screen. Outside help is needed. Thankfully, if the screen needs to be replaced, consumers find they have options when it comes to iPhone repair in Atlanta.

Using Insurance or Upgrading

Some individuals head to the Apple store when they are in need of iPhone repair in Atlanta. This may be the smart move for those who chose to purchase the AppleCare insurance plan, as they receive a discount on this service. Individuals who don’t have insurance on the phone, however, may find it cheaper to upgrade to a new device, depending on the plan and carrier they use. Going this route ensures the warranty on the phone remains in force, so it’s definitely one option to consider even for those who opted to skip the AppleCare insurance plan.

Local Repair Store

Others look for a local company to fix the screen on their iPhone. Doing so tends to be cheaper than going to the Apple store, and companies offering this service are abundant. In fact, a person may drop their phone off at the local mall, do some shopping, and come back to find their phone is ready to go. In addition, some companies now offer mobile Atlanta iPhone repair where they come to the consumer’s home or office to replace the screen. The cost for repairing the screen varies based on the type of device owned. Older iPhone replacement screens typically cost less to replace, while the new iPhone 6 models can run $200. Some companies offer a mail-in service as well for those who don’t have a local repair shop.

Repair Yourself

A person may wish to try to replace the screen without outside assistance. Doing it this way can save a great deal of money, but it’s not an easy task. Unless the person has very detailed instructions and understands exactly what needs to be done, he or she may end up with a replacement screen they can’t use and nothing to show for the money they spent. Individuals in this situation often spend more than they had to in order to get the phone up and running again.

Consider all options if you break the screen on your iPhone. Unless you work with devices of this type every week, you’ll want to obtain outside help. An iPhone is a great device, but only when it works properly. Don’t hesitate to explore all options so you can have your device up and running again in a short period of time

The Best Options for iPhone Repair in Atlanta

iPhone Repair in Atlanta

There’s not much that can compare to the feeling when an $800 iPhone falls on the ground and the screen cracks. Fortunately, there are options available to remedy the problem that don’t require replacing the phone. First of all, the screen is not covered under the warranty so iPhone users shouldn’t expect a free iPhone repair in Atlanta. It is, however, covered for proactive customers who purchased AppleCare+ for a fee. Even with the service plan, choosing this option could leave a person without their device for nearly a week.

DIY Repairs

As soon as their screen cracks, iPhone users almost always turn to the Internet for answers. When they get there, they often come across affordable repair kits. These kits are less expensive than the costs for Atlanta iPhone repair at the Apple Store, so they seem like a good deal. How hard could it be to replace a piece of glass? The problem is, the iPhone screen is much more than a piece of glass. It is a touchscreen that controls a lot of the functions of the device. Another problem with do-it-yourself repairs on iPhones is that there are numerous screws and they are all different sizes. It’s so easy to make a mistake that many people give up before they even get started. Those who do try to replace their own screen soon realize it isn’t worth the savings.

Independent Repair Shop

Those iPhone owners who purchased AppleCare+ can get a discounted rate for a repair or replacement of their device at the Apple Store. However, for anyone who didn’t think they needed the extra protection, the costs are a lot higher. In many cases, Apple will not even replace the screen but will provide the customer with a refurbished device to replace the one they broke. Customers without AppleCare+ and those who want to keep their own phone might want to consider using an independent repair shop for their iPhone screen repair in Atlanta. Technicians have the expertise to repair iPhone screens quickly so owners don’t have to go days without their devices. They are also more affordable for people who didn’t invest in AppleCare+.

Accidents happen and expensive electronics sometimes break. It’s important to know how to get them fixed without spending a fortune on repair costs or having to replace the device. Choosing an independent provider to fix a phone is typically the most economical option.

Experimac Sandy Springs Interviewed by Entrepreneur

Experimac Sandy Springs Interviewed by Entrepreneur

Neil Kent of Experimac Sandy Springs was recently interviewed by Entrepreneur.com.

Neil Kent says that nearly every great thing that has happened in his life is somehow related to Apple. So, for him, becoming an Experimac franchisee was a natural fit. Experimac is one of United Franchise Group’s brands, dedicated to repairing, selling and upgrading Apple products. Here’s what Kent has learned as a franchisee.

Name: Neil Kent

Franchise owned:  Experimac in Sandy Springs, Ga.

How long have you owned a franchise? Since April 2015.

Why franchising?  

The support and knowledge base that comes from working with an established franchise group gives me peace of mind that I am not in this alone and I have the resources I need to build a successful business.

What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?

I was an event manager for nearly 30 years. I worked with corporations, non-profits and small businesses either producing events (internally), or consulting to help companies get the most out of participating in events, conferences and trade shows.

Why did you choose this particular franchise?

It was Apple! Nearly everything good that ever happened in my life was somehow related to Apple. There is no better business suited to my love and passion than owning my own Apple store! Had it not been a store that focused on Apple products, I probably would not have purchased a franchise.

How much would you estimate you spent before you were officially open for business?

Around $175,000.

Franchise Fee: $49,500

Schedule A: 78,000

Inventory: $35,000

Legal Fees and Licenses: $2,500

SBA and financing: $7,500.

Miscellaneous office supplies (locks, phone system, security, etc.) $3,000

Where did you get most of your advice/do most of your research?

My regional vice president, Michael White, was extremely helpful. Researching United Franchise Group was primarily done through the web and talking to a few franchisees under the UFG umbrella.

Read the entire article at: Entrepreneur.com.

Entrepreneur - Kent

Experimac Opening Soon in Cumming, GA

Experimac Opening Soon in Cumming, GA



(CUMMING, Georgia)— Travis and Becky Howe will be opening their pre-owned Apple® device reseller Experimac at 1586 Market Place Blvd in June. Opening the third franchise in this new but blossoming chain, the couple will provide high-demand Apple® devices like its iPhone®, iPad® and MacBook® lines at costs significantly less than their new retail price equivalents, as well as repair and upgrade services, product resale and more.

With over 25 years of senior management experience, Travis Howe’s titles have included president, divisional vice president, sales and marketing vice president and more. When the last company he worked for declared bankruptcy, however, he decided he had had enough of the corporate grind and opted for a business that was truly his.

“I was immediately grabbed by Experimac’s unique approach and felt there was a big hole in the market in offering pre-owned Apple® products at the retail level,” said Howe. “Experimac fills that hole by giving customers eager for Apple® devices a level of access to them that they might not otherwise have.”

A recent addition to United Franchise Group, the family of brands with over 30 years of franchising experience, Experimac is a rapidly expanding concept. United Franchise Group plans to open 25 Experimac stores by the end of 2015, and plans to have 100 by the end of 2016.

While many other 62-year-olds might immediately dismiss the thought of starting their own business, Travis Howe is optimistic as he plots his company’s future. His decision to own his own business, he says, is coming at exactly the right time in his life.

“When I really think about it, the time is perfect,” said Travis Howe. “Our kids are out of college and I still have a lot of drive to do something new. Becky and I have been fully engaged and excited about the opportunity, especially as it’s something that we can do together. To be able to not only start my own business, but do so with an exciting new concept like the one Experimac provides, is a far more appealing option than retirement.”


Experimac is the latest addition to the United Franchise Group family of brands, joining a team with over 30 years of franchise experience. As part of the $400-billion-plus Apple® market, Experimac provides pre-owned Apple® computers and devices, repair of laptops, phones and tablets, trade-ins of existing devices, sales of accessories and software and upgrades. For more information visit experimac.com.