Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Computer or Laptop Over a New PC

Top 5 reasons to invest in a certified pre-owned Apple computer or laptop over a new PC

Investing in a certified pre-owned Apple computer or laptop from Experimac is smart for many reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons we consider it to be a wise investment and would recommend it over a new PC.

  1. Reliability: Mac® computers come with software designed solely for a Mac computer. Many PC computers come with software developed for a generic PC computer. Seeing that there are hundreds of PC models available, that software was not made specifically for the computer you purchased. This usually means problems down the road as software cannot be updated nearly as frequently, and should you have a problem, customer care cannot be as specific or thorough as that of Apple Inc. Certified pre-owned Mac computers have been thoroughly examined and are assured to be in excellent working condition, meaning that though they are pre-owned, they will work just fine.
  2. Strength against malware: Buying a certified pre-owned Apple computer is, by far, safer than buying a new PC. Why? PC computers are more vulnerable to malware and viruses. PC computers can be made by a variety of companies, but only one company make Apple computers. With multiple manufacturers, PC computers don’t follow one operating system, and the discrepancies from the varied makes and models poses a threat to your computer’s safety. Apple® computers all use one operating system that is not only famous for its resistance to malware but is also frequently updated and improved.
  3. User-friendly: Apple computers are one of the most user-friendly devices available on the market. They are designed to be as direct and streamlined as possible. Another reason they are easy to use is their ability to connect to the ever-popular iPhone® device and iPad® tablet. Many tech-savvy individuals already own iPhone devices or iPad tablets; Apple computers can connect to those devices thanks to the new HandOff® feature from Apple Inc.
  4. Price: Though Apple computers can cost more at face-value than some PC computers, keep the following in mind. Apple computers usually come with more features than their PC “competition”. If you were to find a new PC with the same or equivalent features as a pre-owned Mac computer, you will find that the Mac computer is the same price, if not slightly cheaper. Another thing to consider when looking at price is the fact that Apple computers are considered a premium product; they come with a stable operating system that, as stated before, is frequently updated, and they are incredibly user-friendly. If you choose to purchase a certified pre-owned Mac computer, it will likely be worth more than many new PC computers.
  5. Re-Sale Value: Consider that you may not always want the computer you are purchasing now, you may want to upgrade in a few years. That being said, Mac computers retain their value much better and for much longer than PC computers. This means that the certified pre-owned Mac computer you purchase today will most likely be worth more down the road than a new PC.

If you are in the market for a certified pre-owned MacBook® laptop or Mac computer, stop by your local Experimac store and take a look at our inventory. You’ll be able to see and touch the device you are interested in purchasing. Our experienced staff will be able to answer any questions you may have about the device and help you make the right choice for you and your budget.

Why Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Computers Are the Best Choice for Your New Business?

Certified Pre-Owned Apple Computers - Best Choice for Your New Business

If you’re a business owner or are thinking of starting a new business, there’s no doubt you’ll understand the workload and expenses that are associated with the process of getting your business up and running. Apple Inc.® offers some of the most stylish and reliable computers on the market. Certified pre-owned Apple computers from Experimac make sense for new business owners for several reasons. Take a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned Apple computer for your new business:

  • Safety
    Apple computers have long been considered the safer option between PC and Apple computers, but why? Both PC and Apple computers are vulnerable to malware. However, due to the number and variety of PCs available, PCs are attacked by hackers more frequently than Apple computers. Apple computers are created, sold and updated by Apple Inc. This means they can maintain more stability and, ultimately more control, of the operating system and security of Apple computers. Apple Inc. also optimizes their operating system to function with Apple components and thus Apple computers typically crash less than other computers.
  • Usability
    Apple computers are famous for their beautiful design and offer better physical components such as nicer screens due to their high-resolution retina display. Apple computers are easier to incorporate into daily routines and anyone’s lifestyle thanks to the strengthened ties between Apple OS® software and iOS® devices such as your iPhone® device and iPad® tablet. iOS device users now have the ability to start a note or email on their iPhone device or iPad tablet, and continue working on it on their MacBook® laptop, for example, without taking additional steps to synchronize or save anything thanks to the new Hand-Off® feature.
  • Reliability
    When it comes down to the integrity of the software, Apple computers come with software that is specifically designed for their products. Apple computers are considered reliable due to the incredible OS software as well as the superb customer support offered on an Apple computer. Since Apple, Inc. provides everything for the Apple computer, you are provided with a well-thought-out and all-inclusive computer experience.
  • Affordability and Pre-Owned Prices
    It is relatively easy to find cheap PCs, however, these options do not offer the quality that comes with an Apple computer. There is no such thing as a cheaply-made Apple computer. However, owning a premium Apple computer does not have to come at a premium price. Apple computers are known for their longevity thanks to their stable operating systems and quality construction, and buying a certified pre-owned Apple computer is a great option for those on a budget. With the right equipment, at a cost that will not break the bank, Experimac is happy to help you select what your office will need.

Invest wisely in your new business and save money on startup costs with certified pre-owned Apple® computers from Experimac. Stop by your local Experimac today to get more information on certified pre-owned Apple devices and find out which models fit the needs of your new business.