How to Know if Your Apple Computer RAM is Faulty

How to Know if Your Apple Computer RAM is Faulty – Diagnose Faulty RAM

Experimac Naperville is a computer, l and iPhone repair specialist that can solve even the highest technical problems, most within one day.  Experimac will provide a series of how-to articles to help you understand that even the most difficult problems can be corrected.

This article is going to be directed towards MacBook Pro Unibody laptops from Late-2008 to Mid-2012. A common problem with MacBook Pro Unibody laptops (MBP for short) is, faulty or improperly seated Random Access Memory (RAM for short). RAM is volatile memory used to temporarily store and access data quickly because it is much more efficient than getting that same data off the hard drive. Literally every program and application, including the operating system, uses RAM. Some programs use more RAM than others, but, again, all programs use it. There are a few different ways to determine if your RAM is faulty or needs to be reseated. We will go over our most common ways of determining this below with different scenarios.

Scenario 1:

If you believe your MBP has random application crashes, random pauses, data corruption or is just running slower than it used to, you may want to check your RAM. For this scenario, you need to know how much RAM your MBP is supposed to have. For example, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB. Once you’ve determined how much RAM your MBP came with, follow these steps:

  1. Boot your MBP and login so that you’re on your desktop.
  2. Navigate to the small Apple logo in the top left corner and click once.


  1. Click “About This Mac”. At this point you can determine how much RAM is being recognized by your MBP by reading the line that starts with “Memory”.


If your MBP is supposed to have 4GB of RAM and “About This Mac” states that you have 4GB of RAM, your MBP is perfectly fine as far as RAM goes and you can stop here. If your “About This Mac” is stating you only have 2GB of RAM when you’re supposed to have 4GB of RAM, continue to step 4.


  1. Click the button labeled “System Report…”







  1. Once the system report window opens, navigate to and click “Memory” in the left-hand pane.


  1. Your system should show either BANK 0/DIMM0 or BANK 1/DIMM0 as empty, or it should have some other error message.


  1. At this point, we can determine that the RAM in BANK 0/DIMM0 either needs to be reseated or replaced. If you know how to reseat and/or replace RAM, we would suggest doing so now. If you do not know how to reseat or replace RAM, we highly suggest visiting one of our professionals at Experimac of Naperville to avoid further damage to your MacBook Pro.


Scenario 2:

Another scenario you may face is one tone repeating every 5 seconds, which means no RAM is installed, or 3 successive tones repeating every 5 seconds which means your RAM did not pass a data integrity check.


The solution for this scenario is reseating the RAM in your MBP, and if that does not work, replacing the RAM in your MBP. After you reseat and/or replace the RAM, follow the steps listed in Scenario 1 to ensure your RAM is being read correctly. If you can’t get far enough to follow the steps in Scenario 1, we highly suggest visiting one of our professionals at Experimac of Naperville to avoid any other potential damage.  


You can call 630.857.9984 or visit Experimac Naperville at 1523 North Aurora Road, and we will receive honest, trustworthy advice on what you really need to solve your problem.




Our Promise


When someone ‘promises‘ something to you, they are supposed to keep it.  If they don’t do as they ‘promise ‘, their promise doesn’t mean anything ever again, right?  They trained you to not listen to them.  They trained you that their ‘word’ doesn’t mean anything.

Whether that comes from a stranger, a friend, or a company, you want to trust them, but they need to keep their part of the relationship by actually following through with their promise.  Or you don’t listen to them in the future.

You know the saying, “fool me once, shame on you.  fool me twice, shame on me.”

If your friend says they will see you at 3 pm, and they show up at 3:30, and give a lame excuse, you know they will be late next time; if there is a next time.  Showing up late says one thing to me, that they think their time is more important than mine.  They just dissed me and brushed off their rudeness with a lame excuse.

A promise is supposed to mean something.  It’s supposed to be their word that they will do what they said that they will do.  If they do, their promise means something.  If they don’t, their promise doesn’t mean anything.

The same holds true with a company.  If they ‘ promise ‘ that their product will clean the best, last the longest, or whatever their product promises to do, you try them.  If the product delivers, you continue to buy it.  If the product doesn’t deliver, you never buy it again, and sometimes tell others that they shouldn’t try it.

There is a company who delivers on their promise.  Not because it’s ‘good business ‘, but because that is who they are.  They don’t ‘try‘ to meet their promise, they do deliver on their promise.

Experimac Naperville is an electronics repair company, and their promise is simple:  if they say they will repair your phone, computer or tablet that same day, they will.  If they say that the pre-owned product you purchase is certified, it is.  A promise is supposed to be a promise, and that is how they operate. 

If you are looking for a company that keeps their promise, contact Experimac Naperville at 630.857.9984, or visit them and their trained technicians at 1523 North Aurora Road in Naperville.





Trust is Earned. Has Your Repair Company Earned Your Trust?


Trust is earned.  Has your repair company earned your trust?

When you need your phone or computer now, and it wasn’t repaired correctly, will you ever go back to that repair company?

You don’t return to any company who needs a second chance to earn your trust.

When a repair company says they can fix something, how do you know?

Your phone or your computer is key to your daily life, and it needs to be fixed correctly, and quickly, the first time.  So how do you know who to call?

You don’t want to purchase a new phone, you want your ‘ best friend ‘ repaired, so that you can move on with your life.

Looking up electronic equipment repair companies on a Google search lists companies that claim they can repair your phone or computer. 

But you don’t only want your phone fixed today, you want to know who to go back to if something happens to your computer or tablet.  That takes trust to go back to a company.  And trust needs to be earned.

The cost to have a phone repaired is not only measured by that is works now, but that it continues to work.  That’s value.  That develops your trust.

There is a company that understands that and only hires highly trained, certified professionals who understand not only how to repair a product, but to do it quickly, and correctly the first time.  Phones, computers and tablets.

Experimac in Naperville.  They only select highly trained technicians with computer science and certified repair training. Whether it is a simple replacement of a cracked screen, or transferring data storage, or a more complex need as ram, hard drive, solid state or optical drive repair. 

Once they repair it the first time, correctly, you now have someone to go back to when something else happens.

Training and experience leads to not only accuracy, but completed quickly.  Many times with same day service.

When you have a critical repair, and want it completed quickly and accurately, contact Experimac in Naperville at 630.857.9984, or visit at 1523 North Aurora Road, Naperville.  You will learn that a repair company will fix it right the first time, and quickly.

Giving Your Tech a Second Life

              Have you ever sat down watching tv and every other commercial you see is advertisement for the newest phone, tablet or computer? By just walking through the busy aisle at a mall you see three different competing brands announcing their “newest” innovation. Whenever a new phone, tablet or computer comes out, all the hype is focused on how fast it is, how cool it looks and how it will make your life easier. Which leads to posing the question, what happens 10 months from now when the “latest” gadget is outdated and something “bigger and better” comes into the market?


              9 out of 10 times, when some new gadget comes out into the market place, consumers can’t wait to get their hands on the “new stuff.” Why? Basic psychology, we want the newer things to stay current with trends and brag to our friends. We want that new camera resolution to take better selfies and technology that will allow us to send that picture to all of our friends on social media with just a simple click. The promises for fast and better are our biggest motives to rush into trends and forget we just bought our nice iPhone or our nice Macs about 10 months ago. We justify our urges to be cool with the new tech with unrealistic excuses such as “I’ll be able to work better with this new tech,” or “I need this to make my life easier.” Remember when you said that as you swiped your card at your closest Best Buy or Apple Store?


              What if I told you that you can give your “outdated” technology a second chance? Instead of throwing out your outdated technology or storing it in the back of your drawer, you could help the planet by giving that technology a second chance. Your old phone, tablets and computers can have a second chance. You can sell the technology you don’t want anymore and gain a few bucks for something you were thinking of just storing away. Or you could go to Experimac of Naperville and trade in that outdated gadget for something you like at the store. At Experimac of Naperville, there is a team of knowledgeable consultants who are ready to help you keep your old iPhones, Macs or iPads away from a landfill and into a second life. You’re not only helping the planet but you’re also helping someone else who would like a pre-certified apple product. Visit us today and discover all the endless possibilities your old tech still has!


Experimac Naperville.  1523 north Aurora Road.  Not Avenue.  Road.  Give them a call at 630.857-9984\


Giving a Second Life



It seems too many in the world think it is ok to just toss something away because it isn’t brand new.  Oh my gosh, it’s one year old now, and I still have it? Toss it.

I am not that way.  I don’t throw it away because I choose not to live in a disposable world.  Throw away something that still works, is waste.  And I don’t waste.  That’s not me.

It’s not good for me because I am throwing something with value away and not only is that bad for the environment, it’s bad for my wallet.

Let me give you an example.  Take my phone.  NO, you can’t take by phone and I am going to tell you why I don’t just throw it away.  I repair. There! I said it! I repair.

First, it’s like throwing an old friend out.  I mean, this phone has survived me dropping it into the toilet.  Did I just admit to that? It is more than an old friend, this phone has gone through dates, ballgames, sharing at 3 am of a crazy picture I just received.  How do you throw that old friend away?  I have ‘old ‘shoes that are worn to now being comfortable.  I don’t want to admit how old my favorite sweater is.  You get my point.

Second, sometimes I think that I am one of the minority who is trying to save the planet and to keep the garbage pile from blocking out the sun.  I believe in eco-friendly.  I put the plastic and paper in the recycle container.  I turn down the heat at night, and whatever I can.  Not because I am saving money, it’s because I think someone has to do it.  I volunteered.

Third, let’s face it, a new phone isn’t cheap.  Not saying that I am, but $1,000 for a new phone, then the minutes contract, of course a new phone needs a new protector shield.  Let’s see, what else?  The list goes on.  I could spend a small amount of money refurbishing, fixing the cracked screen (from sitting on it too many times), and some of the electronics in it just needed to get ‘fixed ‘.  Let’s see, $1,000 for a new phone, $ 100 for a fix.  Let me think about that.

Fourth, no hassles.  Not sure about you, but I have 1,400 pictures on my ‘old phone ‘that need to be transferred.  Why? Because?  Not good enough.

Fifth, don’t know about you, but it takes me time to ‘learn ‘all the new icons, clicks, and other actions to get what I used to get done easily because I knew my old phone.

So, what’s the alternative?  My bf told me about a place that repairs, refurbishes and ‘ fixes ‘ phones on the ‘ does not work ‘ list.  They have certified, experienced phone geek technicians that ask me what the problem is so that they can concentrate on the problem!  A consultation?  Yeh, I don’t know about you, but wherever I go, they are not lining up to help me save money.

Then, in one day or less, can turn the problem phone into the old friend it has always been.  Now it’s back to being your old friend again.  And at a fraction of what a new phone costs, and less than other ‘repair places.’

This place actually exists.  It’s in Naperville.  Experimac Naperville.  1523 north Aurora Road.  Not Avenue.  Road.  Give them a call at 630.857-9984, and let them care about your old friend.  Instead of throwing it away.

How to Choose a Laptop Repair Company

How to Choose a Laptop Repair Company

How to Choose a Laptop Repair Company

Have you ever had issues with your laptop? Does it freeze when you try to load certain applications? We’ve all been there at one point in time and nothing is more frustrating than thinking about your quickly approaching deadline when your laptop has decided to stop working properly. Finding a reliable laptop repair company you can trust with your valuable piece of tech and all your saved documents can be stressful and frustrating if you don’t know what to look for.

We have gathered some characteristics to look for in a laptop repair company, consider these:

  1. Customer Service

Determining the quality of customer service you are likely to receive from a company you are considering should be pretty easy. Before taking your laptop anywhere, walk into the location and observe what’s going on around you. Were you acknowledged when you entered? Were others? Are the techs thoroughly explaining issues to other customers in the store? Are the customers able to understand the explanations or do they seem more confused by the terminology? Do they have a long wait and if so, how is that handled? Does the store seem like it’s being run in an efficient and organized manner?

  1. Warranty

    Reputable laptop repair companies will offer a warranty on their repairs. If they provide quality service, there is no reason why they wouldn’t. Offering their customers a guarantee shows they stand by their work and should give you the confidence to trust them with your laptop repair because if something were to need a second look, they will not give you a hard time.

  2. Reasonable Cost

    The truth is, everyone has a budget and you have to consider the cost of the repair and whether or not it is affordable for you. Either in person or on the phone, ask about how they charge – by the hour or by repair? Is there a price list? Are there any hidden service fees?

  3. Reviews from Other Customers

    When you have a positive experience at a restaurant, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to family and friends. The same should hold true for laptop repair companies. Ask around and see if anyone you know has a solid recommendation for someone they have had experience with. Online reviews can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through but can also be very informative.

  4. Wait Time

    When your laptop needs repairs, it’s usually not something you can wait around for days or weeks to be resolved. Consider asking what the lead time is on the repairs you need and then determine if that’s acceptable for you.

  5. Experienced Techs

    Don’t assume the repair techs have experience with your particular device, ask. It is reasonable to ask how many years of experience the tech who will be working on your laptop has and whether they are familiar with your device and/or issue, in particular.

When looking for a reputable laptop repair company, look no further than your local Experimac store. Whether you need a screen replacement or assistance with data recovery, your priority is ours. Your go-to source for Apple® device repairs, upgrades, and more, the highly-trained techs at Experimac will provide the best customer service in the industry. No appointments are necessary; we welcome walk-ins, offer same day service and guarantee our work. We will gladly help you get your laptop working like new again.


Migrating Your Data to a New Mac® Computer or Laptop: What You Need to Know

If you’re a Mac computer user and just bought a new MacBook Pro® laptop or another model, you may be wondering how to get all of your data from your old computer to the new one. It seems complicated, and the risk exists that you may lose files by overlooking instructions. Still, it is an essential task to copy all documents, apps, user accounts, and settings over to your new computer or laptop so that you ensure you’ll have full access to your work.

How to Migrate Your Data

Dealing with data migration on your own can be difficult, and this is why companies like Experimac Glen Allen have a team of experts on-hand to fulfill your data migration needs. Supplied with the newest hardware on the market, Experimac technicians provide same-day service, migrating data to your new computer so you don’t have to.

Read on if you are a do-it-yourself tech whiz, or a tech whiz in training. You can follow these steps for migrating data, if you’re ready to take the plunge on your own:

  1. Full device inspection – analyze the laptop or computer’s software, settings and power.
  2. Name your device – go into settings and name your computer, using something effective and personalized so you can recognize the device as your own.
  3. Install updates – be sure to check your app store and download any pending app updates, including third-party software updates, too!
  4. Connect devices – do this either by using the Time Machine® backup feature, a normal Ethernet cable or link the computers to the same Ethernet or Wi-Fi Network.
  5. Apple Migration Assistant® feature – use this feature to complete the transfer of your files from the old device to the current computer.
  6. Log in to your new account – check to verify your files have transferred successfully.

Although the Apple Migration Assistant feature was designed to walk Mac owners through migrating their data themselves, consumers who prefer assistance with this should contact Experimac Glen Allen to assist with affordable data migration. A thorough, in-store assessment can be done before migrating your data so that we can devise a plan to have your new computer or laptop up and running with full access to your old files in no time.

Pre-Owned Apple® Store: Pre-Owned Apple Products That You Can Trust

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get right after you purchase a brand new phone. Possibilities seem endless as you hold in your hands a mobile device, which 92% of American adults possess and cherish. But what if you received this phone as a gift, and instead of being brand new, it was really a pre-owned product? How can you be sure that your new, beloved phone is as good as new? Does “mint condition” mean the same quality as fresh out of the box?

Here at Experimac of Glen Allen, a growing retailer of pre-owned Apple products, we promise our customers the answers and attention they deserve in order to make the most educated buying decisions to satisfy their electronic needs. Tight budgets can afford our pricing, trust our warranty and benefit from the savings.

Reconditioning Process of Pre-Owned Apple Products

We’ve all heard that knowledge is power, and the same goes for understanding reconditioned products and their value. Not everyone has extra cash to invest in a new computer, but the option is available to look into buying a reconditioned device at a lower price. Fear of the unknown is dissolved when we take the time to learn about our investments. Experimac of Glen Allen makes it simple for any buyer to be a smart buyer.

All pre-owned apple products undergo a rigorous reconditioning process before they are marked for sale at Experimac of Glen Allen. Each and every product you find in our stores, whether it be a Mac® computer, iPhone® device, iPod® device, Apple TV® device, accessories or iPad® tablet, works just like new and meets our high standards. If you are one of 73% of the population who own a desktop or laptop, would you be interested in browsing our large, ever-expanding stock of pre-owned Apple® products, knowing each one is carefully cleaned, thoroughly inspected, and handled with the utmost care before you see it on our shelves?

Actions Gain Trust

Spend less and reduce the stress of your decision by reading the warranty. It never hurts to cover the “what if” scenarios before making a purchase. At Experimac, we pave the path to a risk-free purchase with our 90-day guarantee. If something breaks, we promise to repair or replace the defective part at zero cost to you! Experimac Glen Allen is hands down the place to go to save money on pre-owned Apple products.

Stop by Experimac Glen Allen and see what we have to offer!