Computer and Laptop Repair Services: Where to Get Your Mac® Products Fixed.

How is your Mac computer holding up? Only 10% of Apple® laptops break down within 3 years of purchase, according to the latest Consumer Reports survey. If you have chosen an Apple brand product, you have made a wise choice. Still, even with the outstanding rank of highest reliability, Apple computers and laptops benefit from upgrades and repairs over time. Experimac of Winchester wants to help you keep your Apple products in tip top condition.


What’s wrong with my Mac computer?

Diagnosing what’s wrong with your Mac computer can be stressful. The more you use your computer or laptop, the more likely it is to acquire problems. At Experimac of Winchester, we have an expert team of technicians who can help you solve them.


Is your Mac computer not functioning properly?

Some of the most common issues experienced by Apple users include:

  • Water damage
  • Failed hard drives
  • Screen damage
  • Logic board failure
  • Slow program launch speeds
  • Low storage for photos and videos
  • Battery failure

On average, Apple laptops are used more than other brands; an average 23 hours per week versus the average 20 per week for all other brand laptops. If you are a frequent laptop user, take caution and bring your computer to one of our locations. Whether you want to repair a damaged product or look into upgrading your Mac computer with the newest hardware – we stock the highest quality Apple parts in house.


Computer upgrades and repairs

Specializing in computer and laptop repair services, Experimac of Winchester is fast, affordable and committed to helping you maintain your Mac products. We offer upgrades, including new batteries, faster RAM, increased space on your hard drive for photo and video storage and more. Since older and more frequently used computers and laptops have a higher failure rate, it is important to manage and monitor the upkeep of your device. It is true, Apple computers and laptops are proven to be less likely to break down than other brands, but when they do break down, the cost is higher to fix unless you know where to go. Here at Experimac of Winchester, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a 90-day warranty on all repairs.

Repair Jobs For Any of Your Apple Products

Repair Jobs For Any of Your Apple Products

Do you have an Apple® device that is damaged or running slower than usual?  Are you in need of screen repair for your iPhone® device or a new, larger hard drive for your iMac® computer? At Experimac Winchester, their experienced techs are prepared to tackle a variety of repair jobs for any of your Apple products in Frederick County. Their team is committed to getting your technology back in working condition in a timely manner; no appointments are necessary and same day repairs are performed whenever possible.

Whether you dropped your iPhone device or are experiencing problems with your iMac computer or MacBook® laptop, the locally owned and operated computer repair store has the tools and expertise you can rely on for repairs and upgrades. The team at Experimac Winchester is up to date with the latest technology and training; they will thoroughly inspect your device and assess the situation before making recommendations and fixing your Apple product. Has your computer or laptop slowed down to the point that working on it is stressful? It might be time to increase the speed with a RAM upgrade. Are you desperately in need of software updates? No problem is too small or large for the knowledgeable techs at Experimac Winchester, VA. They are prepared to tackle an array of issues such as:

  • Screen repairs
  • Screen replacements
  • Battery replacements
  • Home button repairs
  • Charger port repairs
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • RAM upgrades
  • Operating system updates
  • Software updates
  • And much more!

In addition to cell phone and computer repair services, Experimac Winchester has a large selection of certified, pre-owned Apple products including iPhone devices, iPad® tablets, iMac computers, and MacBook laptops. If you are in the market for any accessories, they carry high-quality keyboards, monitors and other essential accessories.

Do you have an old iMac computer, MacBook laptop or other Apple product sitting in your closet collecting dust? Is there an iPad that nobody uses anymore sitting on a shelf in your office? Bring those used Apple products to Experimac Winchester and trade them in; get money on the spot!

Experimac Winchester takes pride in delivering a superior customer experience by building relationships with every customer and offering the best customer service in the industry. They will take the time to listen to the issues you are having with your Apple products and customize their services for you. They work hard to make sure they exceed your expectations; Experimac offers a 90-day warranty on their services and products.

The next time your Apple products are in need of repairs or upgrades, or you are looking to purchase a quality, certified pre-owned Apple device, give the pros at Experimac Winchester a call at (540) 486-4472.