MacBook® Repairs & Upgrades

Is your MacBook® laptop in need of an upgrade? A new battery, faster RAM, or a larger hard drive? If you answered yes, it may be time to give your MacBook® laptop a serious boost! Whether you're looking for a faster experience when launching programs or you need more room to store all of your pictures and videos - Experimac Overland Park in Overland Park, KS has you covered. Bring your MacBook® laptop in to our store for a thorough assessment. We can repair or make suggestions on how to get your MacBook® laptop running like new again! Call (913) 258-8833 for more information!

We service:

  • MacBook® laptops
  • MacBook® Air laptops
  • MacBook® Pro laptops
  • MacBook® Pro Retina laptops

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We offer the following repair services on MacBook® laptops:

  • Free 15 minute diagnostic
  • Display / LCD screen repairs or replacement
  • Battery Replacements
  • Storage (e.g. hard drive) replacements & upgrades
  • SATA cable replacement
  • Optical Drive replacements
  • Memory (e.g RAM) replacements & upgrades
  • Topcase and/or Keyboard repairs
  • Trackpad repairs
  • Magsafe / Charging Port repairs
  • Fan Replacement
  • Liquid Cleanings (for water-damaged laptops)
  • Logic Board repairs
  • Data Transfers & Data Recovery

Experisure 90 Days Limited Warranty

The 90-day limited warranty covers both device sales and repairs, for repair or exchange (at Experimac's discretion). This warranty is for mechanical defects from the original purchase store only. If the repaired device has been previously opened, physically damaged or liquid damaged, the device may be considered compromised and therefore the warranty may be deemed void.