3 Must-Know Tips for Setting Up New Apple Devices

Whether you’re new to the world of technology, or you’re an old pro trying to learn some new tricks, setting up brand-new Apple devices can be intimidating. Luckily, Apple products are created to be user-friendly, so by arming yourself with a bit of knowledge, you can take on the task confidently and be sure that each of your Apple devices is set to fit your preferences. Below are three easy tips anyone can follow to help set up their various Apple devices:apple device
  • Sync Up: If you’ve purchased a new Apple device to replace an older model, you’ll want to take the time to sync the two devices before getting rid of the old one. Syncing allows you to transfer the existing data from the old device to the new one. Just plug in your device to a laptop or desktop computer where it will gather and save the information before moving it to the new device. This process takes some time, so be prepared to not use your device for a while so your data can be safely stored, saved, and transferred.
  • Check for Upgrades: Routine upgrades are important for any Apple device user. Throughout the year, Apple releases updated software for phones and tablets and allows users to opt in simply by clicking the “Update iOS” button. If you’re working with a brand-new Apple device, make sure that the item is operating with the latest software by checking the iOS tab under “Settings.”
  • Confirm Apple Warranty: The warranty on an Apple product, whether it’s new or refurbished, is important information for new users to have on hand. To check the warranty information, either enter the hardware serial number online or bring the device into a local Apple distributor. Knowing whether the device is still under warranty will help you if you run into a technical problem down the road.
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